First trailer lands for Stephen Chow’s ‘Journey to the West’ and it is totally insane!

journet to the west


Stephen Chow has been painfully lacking in my enjoyment of films of late. After giving us the rather brilliant Shaolin Soccer in 2001 and then the truly amazing Kung Fu Hustle in 2004, we have only seen him direct CJ7 (2008) since. The wait for him to return to directing has been too long in my opinion, but thankfully that wait is almost over, his latest film Journey to the West (AKA Odyssey) has finally revealed its first trailer!

Very little is known about the film, and the trailer is not likely to change that. It is just over a minute of pure Chow brilliance that makes very little sense, and is all the better for it. The English subbed trailer seems to be a collection of scenes just thrown together without any thought, and the added bonus of lots of shouting means that the trailer could not have been any better at this point. There is no build up, it simply gets right to the point (whatever that is!) and right to the action and you will have more fun in this minute long trailer than you will have watching most major action films.

As I said though, very little, if anything, is known at this point. What we can gather from the trailer is there will be a monkey man with a spear, a great big fat woman, a bizarre pig-like creature, dancing, sexy women, insane stunts, fights and stunning special effects, and lots and lots of shouting!

Journey to the West is written, produced and co-directed by Stephen Chow, with Derek Kok co-directing. The films arrives in Hong Kong on 7th February.

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