God’s too busy to stop Michael Shannon as ‘The Iceman’ in intense, action packed new trailer




After yesterday’s exciting announcement by Lionsgate that director Ariel Vromen’s new thriller, The Iceman, will arrive in UK cinemas on 7th June, a new trailer has also landed.

The new trailer has a mixture of new scenes, and scenes already shown in the first full length trailer, but this newer trailer really sells the film. It is intense, action packed, and edge of your seat stuff. Shannon proves once more what a world class actor he is, and his role here looks very chilling indeed, but while we are clearly meant to recognize Shannon as the bad guy, we also are being asked to reason with him too, and take his side while even worse people put pressure on him to do his job.

The new trailer is a terrific two and a half minutes, enjoy!

The Iceman is the story of real-life mob hitman Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski, who was reportedly responsible for over 200 murders.

Richard Kuklinski (Michael Shannon) and his wife Deborah (Winona Ryder) appear to have a model American life, living with their three children in an idyllic suburban ranch house with a big lawn on a quiet street. But unbeknownst to Deborah and the kids, when Kuklinski goes off to work in the morning — or, on occasion, in the middle of dinner or the middle of the night — he is carrying out executions at the behest of the Gambino crime family, employing a wide variety of deadly methods (guns, knives, explosives, strangling, poisonings) that make it difficult to trace all the fatalities to a single killer. The Iceman shows the development of Kuklinski’s career from the 1950s through the 1980s, chronicling his friendship with Gambino soldato Roy DeMeo (Ray Liotta), his mentorship under assassin Robert “Mister Softee” Pronge (Chris Evans), and his troubled relationship with his brother Joseph (Stephen Dorff), who, like Richard, was plagued by sociopathic tendencies all his life.

From Lionsgate UK and Millennium Films, The Iceman stars Michael Shannon, Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta, Chris Evans and James Franco. The film is directed by Ariel Vromen, from a script by Vroman and Morgan Land and based on the book by Anthony Bruno. The film is produced by Ariel Vroman, Ehud Bleiberg and Avi Lerner and executive produced by Trevor Short, Danny Dimbort, Boaz Davidson, René Besson, Lati Grobman and Laura Rister.




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