Mark Wahlberg and Ted to appear at the Oscars, and Ted sequel is confirmed!!



Seth MacFarlane’s Ted was a huge success last year, and went on to become one of the biggest R-rated comedies of all time. It was inevitable that a sequel would happen, and while rumours have been flying around, Wahlberg has now confirmed that he and his sweary, angry Teddy bear pal will be back to cause more mayhem.

Wahlberg recently appeared on US TV show, Anderson Live, to promote his new film, Broken City. Naturally he was asked about the Ted sequel, which was first talked about back in September. Here is what the actor said:

“There is a Ted 2,” says Wahlberg. “We’ve already locked a deal and they’re off writing now. I’ve never done a sequel before but I just have so much confidence in Seth. he’s such a talented, funny guy.”

There is also some more good news for fans of Ted, and again Wahlberg confirmed this on the show. Both Ted and Wahlberg will be appearing at this years Oscars ceremony, thanks in no small part to the fact Seth MacFarlane is hosting. The Oscars usually have a CGI moment based on a popular film, and this year they are taking a big risk by having these two appear. Can Ted possibly hold back on his bad language when nervous and faced with millions of viewers?

Wahlberg told the show “Actually, because Seth is hosting, Ted and I will be appearing at the Oscars,” Naturally Ted has a way of dealing with the stress of such a big event, and on the TV show it was mentioned that Ted might need to smoke something before going on stage, and Wahlberg joked “He can’t do it without it…It’s mandatory.”

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