Schwarzenegger confirms he “will be back” in ‘Terminator 5’, plus a hilarious collection of clips of Arnie screaming!!!




In a shocking opening weekend, Arnie’s big return was a disaster. Kim Jee-woon’s The Last Stand tanked at the US box office, opening in ninth place and taking just over $6 million. This is a terrible result for a film which looks very good indeed, and if you would like to know our thoughts then you can read Dr Lenera’s rather positive review here.

Sadly this was not good news for Arnie’s big comeback, but he still has The Tomb (with Stallone) and David Ayer’s Ten bot due for release over the next twelve months. The action star has also expressed interest in appearing in a new Twins film called Triplets, and he will also be returning in the near future on ‘The Legend of Conan. However, the big franchise we all want to see Arnie back in is the Terminator, and we don’t mean in some god awful CGI crap as seen in Terminator 4!

While doing the press rounds for the release of The Last Stand here in the UK, Arnie spoke with Bleeding Cool and dropped the bombshell that he would indeed be appearing in Terminator 5. While there are no actual quotes to back this up, the site are confirming that Arnie has said this, and it would appear that he is all set to put on the shades and leather jacket once more. I for one can’t wait to see him return as The Terminator, but it might be advisable to not get too excited until official word is released.

Things do seem to be moving ahead with Terminator 5, and while a director is still yet to be named, last week we reported that two writers had been hired. Here is what we said last week:

Deadline is reporting that two new writers have been hired to pen the fifth Terminator film. Patrick Lussier, director of Drive Angry, My Bloody Valentine, White Noise 2, Dracula 2001 and The Prophecy 3 is one of the writers. He has also previously written Drive Angry and Dracula 2001, Dracula 2: Ascension and Dracula 3: Legacy.

Laeta Kalogridis is the second writer now attached to the film. Her previous writing credits include Shutter Island, Pathfinder, Alexander and Night Watch (2004). She was also executive producer on James Cameron’s Avatar (and has good working relationships with The Terminator creator) and was also executive producer on Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island.

Now, while we are saddened by The Last Stand’s poor box office performance in the US (it opens here in the UK tomorrow so fingers crossed it does better), we can cheer you up with a hilarious seven minute montage video of every Arnie scream from every Arnie movie! Put together by FilmDrunk, this is truly hilarious, and guaranteed to brighten up anyone’s day!

(Sources: Bleeding Cool, FilmDrunk)

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