Tell Us What Frightens You For Your Chance to Win FEAR ITSELF Season 1 on DVD!

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We’re pleased to be giving away 2 copies of Season 1 of FEAR ITSELF, courtesy of Lionsgate, to celebrate its release on DVD on Monday 28th January 2013.

Terror has a new name: Fear Itself! A 13-episode suspense and horror anthology series, Fear Itself takes horror to shocking new heights with its mix of mind-bending stories, spine-tingling chills, and top Hollywood talent including acclaimed directors John Landis (An American Werewolf in London), Brad Anderson (TVs The Wire, The Machinist) and Darren Lynn Bousman (Saw 2-4, Repo! The Genetic Opera) and starring Elisabeth Moss (TVs Mad Men), Brandon Routh (Super Man Returns) and Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight, The Expendables).

You can pre-order your copy of FEAR ITSELF – The Complete First Season from Amazon

For your chance to win a copy of Fear Itself – Season 1 on DVD, simply leave a comment below explaining what scares you, in less than 100 words.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Thursday 7th February 2013 and two of our favourite comments will be chosen and the winners notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be 15 years or over
• One entry per household
• There is no cash or other alternative to the prize stated and the prize is not transferable and no part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
• 2 winners will each win 1x Season One of FEAR ITSELF on DVD.
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.

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  1. Clowns scare me. I once went to a place called Diggerland. I was really looking forward to riding on the diggers and what not, then I spotted a clown. I spent the day trying to avoid the horrible thing who clearly knew I was scared yet thought it would be funny to follow me round and ruin my day.

  2. I’m not scared by much, but this account of a real life haunting in Bristol really freaked me out…impossible to imagine having to deal with it.

    ‘A ‘horrible and pale-faced’ servant, a girl, is reputed to have haunted a house in Bristol during the early years of the 20th century. Halfwitted and hunch-backed, always wearing a pink dress and living a life of misery the girl was beaten and half-starved until she drowned herself in a garden pool. She was the natural daughter of the man who owned the property 50 years before her death.

    A colonel’s wife and her three daughters leased the house but could not find a housemaid for some weeks. However, soon after they took possession of the property, a young woman was seen, on the stairs, cleaning with a brush and pan. The daughter who saw the girl assumed her mother had found a temporary maid and gave her only a fleeting glance, seeing an untidy, sluttish person wearing a pink dress and very soiled cap.
    The girl, white-faced and almost hump-backed,
    glided down the stairs while smiling horribly over her shoulder at the daughter, and vanished through a red baize door which closed behind her. A little later, one of the daughters, alone in the house, went to the basement for hot water and, on pushing open the kitchen door, was surprised to see the girl, still wearing the pink dress, with her back to the door, busy at the kitchen range. On being challenged by the daughter the figure turned and, leering impudently, ran into an adjacent room from which there was no way out.

    The daughter followed, sure of catching the girl at last, but on entering the scullery found it empty with no sign whatsoever of the mysterious figure. She was terrified and ran from the kitchen and saw, through the landing window which was about 9 metres above the ground, the face of the ghostly maid. She fainted and was so ill afterwards that she was sent to a spa to recover. Soon afterwards, her mother and sisters left the house.’

    Now that’s bloody scary!

  3. The thought of waking up and finding someone in my bedroom – sometimes I catch sight of my dressing gown on the back of the door and my heart races thinking that its someone!!

  4. Unspeakable long necked things that quiver at the foot of my bed at night. I get this a lot. Sleep Paralysis. Sometimes the mind is terrible thing.

  5. I am scared of dying I know it happens to everyone but just cannot imagine not being here thinking and feeling,also scared of dying in pain I do not have a very high pain threshold,also been buried alive! so a film about it one and it terrified me.

  6. I always used to hang my coat over the wardrobe door and when I turned the light off the moonlight created a shadow that looked like a monk with a long dark robe on with his head bowed, I kept telling myself that it was just my coat and not to be so daft but I couldn`t get to sleep until I`d got up and moved it

  7. Personally I’m not scared of much but thanks to one film I’m not a fan of clowns. I.T. the dancing clown freaked me out for years and still to this day they freak me out a little.

  8. I don’t get scared of much at all but things that I’m probably the most scared of is things such as wasps and bees. Especially wasps I can’t keep still when thoughs go near me.

  9. I have a totally mad fear of crocodiles, i cant even watch them on telly without wetting myself , well, not literally . I lived in Sydney for 3 years and everything i saw floating in the sea i was convinced was a 10 ft croc and wouldn’t go more then knee deep in the sea.Its the eyes poking up in the water. Id rather be eaten by a shark i think lol

  10. I would have to say death since i was a little girl the thought of dying or someone close to me dying has always terrified me recently i lost a loved one and it was the worst experience i have ever being through its all round just a scary for me .

  11. Fear of moths… It’s perfectly justified as I believe they kill at least one human per year… Why they’ve never made a horror movie about them I don’t know… Though there was Mothra!

  12. Well I suppose this scares me (sceptics will say “it never happened” or “it was a coincidence” but look at it from my point of view. I used to go on riding holidays (down in Cornwall) when I was 12-16. I had a dream where the man that kept his horse at the stables (where I stayed) had bought a new horse and the dream was so vivid I woke up and wrote the details of his “new” horse down. Even put the date on it and told my Mum 9who kept the bit of paper). The next week she rang to book my holiday. I heard her say “I’ll let you tell her yourself”. When I got on the phone the owner of the stables said “Oh David’s got a new horse”!!!! Erm, yes he had!!! She was exactly how I described her (the one I dreamt about)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Death scares me, not being able to control or stop the inevitable, knowing it’s coming for all of us and knowing that science will never find a way to ever stave off it’s ability to break down our bodies and return us to the ether of existence.

  14. Clowns. It started at children’s parties and watching Stephen King’s IT at a young age probably did not help. They just freak me out and I will change TV channel if there is one on screen.

  15. I keep seeing our cat walking around the house, problem is she died 5 months ago Never seen a ghost before and this well scares me !!!! 🙁

  16. Black holes. I’ll never encounter one but the reality of what they can do to you is terrifying to me. Yes, as with all fears it is highly irrational.

  17. Driving on Motorways!!! Especially at night, when its raining, I have to pass Artic lorries or assholes who just speed and have no regard for other people, OR who hog the middle lane!! lol (Typical comment from a woman driver LOL)

  18. Strangely enough I love horror films, but am scared of trees outside windows after watching Poltergeist as a kid….and spiders.

  19. My bank manager … It’s got so bad, that I’m afraid of my own letter box clanging, the phone ringing & I’m even scared of my own email box. He’s everywhere!

  20. Not very keen on insects in general, especially earwigs and spiders. But when I was 10 or 11 I bought a paperback anthology edited by Alfred Hitchcock (well, sold under his name) which contained the original short story of “The Fly”. It scared me so much that I refused to have the book in my bedroom and it spent many years banished to the bottom of a box in my parents’ loft

  21. The sound of the wind in the middle of the night along with creaking stairs get my imagination going until I’m imagining murderers hiding in my walk in wardrobe!

  22. The clown from the film IT scared me with those pionty sharp teeth! when i took my kids to the circus i couldnt look at the clowns just in case.

  23. The Blob has and will always scare me. The idea of something getting in under a closed door and seeping towards me, then devouring me whole is terrifying!

  24. the dark. not the actual lack of light itself…it’s the “not knowing” what could be there but can’t be seen. that scares me.

  25. I don’t like being on my own at night. The smallest sound makes me jump. If I hear a noise upstairs, it takes everything I’ve got to go and see what it is. A few weeks ago, we had a mouse in the loft. It was (as we later found out) chewing a piece of wood – the noise went on all night. Until we found out what it was I was terrified. I imagined all sorts of things that could be in the loft!

  26. Wasps! not even from this planet, they have no use at all and they sting just for the fun of it! when i was 1 apparently a wasp stung me on the lip i have been terrified of the buggers ever since

  27. what scares me silly are wasps and bee’s. i just run like a girl when i see one which my girlfrind finds hilarious.

  28. I’m really scaed of earthworms – courtesy of my sister who used to push them down the back of my neck when we were small. That was a long time ago now but I still shiver and close my eyes whenever I see them!

  29. Im scared of spiders! They terrify me. If one goes running across the floor I will leave the room and barricade myself into another room until it has been found

  30. Being God, and 7 Billion people blaming me for everything, and allways begging me for this or that. To understand what that would be like get say 50 women in a room just big enough for them and then get them to all talk together a bit louder than they normally would. Remember because the Earth rotates it never stops because their is always people praying and calling God to blame somewhere.

  31. I have had a fear of sheep after one jumped at me and hoofed me in the chest when i was 10, they are just evil!!!
    I also hate vacuum cleaners! the noise and the thought it might suck me in if it gets near my feet. ARGH!!!

  32. I’m terrified by the sight of myself in a mirror and the sound of footsteps or fireworks can send me into a frenzy of Post Traumatic stress disorder due to an experience in Beirut.

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