This is hilarious! The Office meets The Hobbit in ‘The Office: An Unexpected Journey’, watch it here!



Obviously the connection of actor Martin Freeman to Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and to Ricky Gervais’ genius comedy The Office, would eventually produce something rather funny. Today it has as Eager Beaver Productions  have put together a hilarious mash-up between The Office and The Hobbit.

This is three minutes of pure comedy gold, and be sure to stay to the end of the credits for a final laugh out loud moment, and be sure to read the credits too!

Here is how Eager Beaver Productions introduce themselves:

Welcome! We are Jonny and Jason. Jonny Lang and Jason Burke. We’re not even remotely famous but we make innovative and groundbreaking laugh out loud funny comedy.You may know us from such viral hits such as The X Factor Voiceover Man Strikes Back! and The Great Strictly Come Dancing disaster among other digital parodies we create as our alter ego ‘Pixeltwister’. There is, however, much more to us than that.

On their website, they describe their those as follows:

We have a strong work ethic when it comes to comedy. Putting in the hours to perfect every minor detail is not a problem and compromise should be fought whenever possible.

We firmly believe that you have to start with a really strong and original idea, even for a parody. We also believe in storytelling, in other words, taking the viewer on a journey with a beginning, a middle and an end. Strong and original characters are essential and we also like to write in a way which nobody else could, this is often down to partial writing of scenarios which leave enough scope for ideas generation on set and ad libs. In fact most of our funniest work is produced on the spot without rehearsal. As Pablo Picasso once said “If you know what you are going to do,what’s the point in doing it?”. We agree. We like to embrace new technology but purely as a means to improve quality and open up new comedic opportunities. And finally, when it comes to engine tuning, souffles and comedy – it really is all in the…   ……timing.

Click the link above to check out their website if the following video tickles you (I am positive it will)


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