Writers found for ‘Terminator 5’, no sign of a director yet though




Deadline is reporting that two new writers have been hired to pen the fifth Terminator film. Patrick Lussier, director of Drive Angry, My Bloody Valentine, White Noise 2, Dracula 2001 and The Prophecy 3 is one of the writers. He has also previously written Drive Angry and Dracula 2001, Dracula 2: Ascension and Dracula 3: Legacy.

Laeta Kalogridis is the second writer now attached to the film. Her previous writing credits include Shutter Island, Pathfinder, Alexander and Night Watch (2004). She was also executive producer on James Cameron’s Avatar (and has good working relationships with The Terminator creator) and was also executive producer on Martin Scorsese’s Shutter Island.

Per Deadline: Skydance’s David Ellison recently hired the scribes to write an original scifi adventure film, with an idea initiated by Skydance. Megan Ellison paid a fortune for the rights several years ago, and recently teamed with brother David, whose company finds big ticket action films like Terminator to be in its wheelhouse. David, who just produced Jack Reacher, had the relationship with the scribes, though interestingly Kalogridis also is tight with Terminator creator James Cameron.

While this is exciting news, there is still no word on a director. Originally Fast Five director Justin Lin was going to direct, but a delay in the film meant he could not commit to making Terminator 5 due to making Fast and Furious 6. The door is apparently still open for him to return.

(Source: Deadline)

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