Catch Elijah Wood in MANIAC and Sizzling Horror 247°F at GRIMM UP NORTH in Manchester on 7th March


From 7.30pm at The Dancehouse, Oxford Road, Manchester on Thursday 7th March, prepare for a kickass double bill, courtesy of those folks at Grimm Up North.

The first film of the night is the Manchester premiere of remake Maniac, starring Elijah Wood. Our news editor and reviewer Matt Wavish absolutely raved about this after seeing it at Film4 Fightfest 2012. Check out Matt’s review of Maniac.

Maniac is the story of Frank Zito, an isolated, mentally disturbed man who runs a mannequin store. Following the death of his overbearing mother, Frank’s twisted fantasies about women, and in particular women’s hair, begin increasingly to control his life. He descends further and further into madness and violent murder… An unflinchingly fierce and full-blooded re-imagining of William Lustig’s infamous, oft-banned 1980 cult shocker, from the boundary-pushing creative team behind Haut Tension / Switchblade Romance, P2, Mirrors and the Hills Have Eyes and Piranha reboots, this nightmarish study of misogynous psychosis is shot almost entirely POV, forcing the viewer to inhabit the fetid world of Zito’s imagination, and thus to become uncomfortably complicit in his bloody crimes. Challenging, controversial, and confrontational, this is truly a film that takes no prisoners.


And that’s just one half of the double bill. They are also hosting the UK Premiere of the blistering, claustrophobic thriller 247°F. Four young friends travel to an isolated lakeside cabin for a weekend of partying, including hot times in a sauna. Only problem is, things start to get a little too hot, as they find themselves trapped in the steam room, with the heat on full-blast and no way to turn it off. With its attractive young cast, including Scout Taylor-Compton (the rebooted Halloween I and II), Travis Van Winkle (Transformers, the Friday The 13th reboot), Michael Copon (One Tree Hill) and Christina Ulloa (Charmed) and initial “weekend party” set up, you could be forgiven for expecting this to be a typical “dumb-teens-in-peril” schlocker. But then it takes a turn into much darker, more harrowing territory, as the temperature rises and the panic sets in…

So that’s two movie premieres on the same night, and for just £8 a head. Tickets are available here now. The first 40 people who pre-book 2 or more tickets will get a limited edition exclusive Cinema Quad poster of MANIAC (You won’t find these in the shops!), a copy of  STARBURST Sci-fi and Horror Magazine and free entry to the after party at Fab Cafe.

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