Davide Melini Reveals Bloody Poster for His Giallo Film DEEP SHOCK

Deep Shock - Official Poster

Short filmmaker Davide Melini, who’s film The Puzzle and The Sweet Hand of the White Rose we’ve previously featured on HCF, has revealed the bloody poster art for his new Giallo short, DEEP SHOCK. The poster, illustrated by Cristina Gómez Rosales, proclaims ‘Italian Giallo is ready to make its return’ and knowing Davide’s films, I truly believe him and cannot wait to see it!

Pre-production on Deep Shock began on November 21, 2012 with the film to be produced by Fabel Aguilera and Davide, in collaboration with Marta Pavon’s “Kai Visualutions.  Other crew already signed to the project include Maikel Ramírez (Executive Producer); Juan Luis Moreno Somé (1st Assistant Director); José Antonio Crespillo (Cinematographer); Fernando Moleón (Steadycam Operator); Cristina Gómez Rosales (Graphic Designer).

The film will be shot in Malaga, Spain with a group of 6 actors, yet to be cast. Davide is set to shoot a teaser around March/April of this year and then launch a crowdfunding campaign to help realise his Giallo vision. However, Davide has already gained the support of “IAJ – Junta of Andalusia” (the president is Soraya García Mesa), the “Provincial Deputation of Málaga”  and the “Casabermeja’s Government” (the Mayor of Caseberma is Antonio Domínguez Durán).

Every good Giallo needs an distinctive soundtrack and Davide is pleased to announce the music will be provided by Italian band called Visioni Gotiche.

Director Davide Melini added, “I’d like to pay homage to the Italian “giallo” genre, that will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2014. The first “giallo” film ever was “The Girl Who Knew too Much” (1963), directed by Mario Bava. But the same director shot another film entitled “Blood and Black Lace” one year later, where the emblematic element of the “giallo” was introduced: the masked murderer with a shiny weapon in his black-leather-gloved hand. I want to bring back some classic 60?s and 70?s “giallo” film ideas, using new technology. The title of “Deep Shock” is a homages to Dario Argento’s “Deep Red” and for Mario Bava’s “Shock”.”

Davide has had success with his short films, which have been nominated and have won awards, with The Puzzle also becoming one of the few selected to feature in the pilot episode Bill Oberst Jr. hosted programme, The Dark Cinema, a series dedicated to short films from around the globe.

For more info on Deep Shock, visit the official Facebook page

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