Help Bring Independents To Cannes Film Festival with Troma’s OCCUPY CANNES Documentary Campaign


Troma plan to cause waves at the Cannes Film Festival 2013 with their Occupy Cannes documentary, which sets to challenge the festival as to why independent filmmakers have as much a right to be there as the giant media conglomerates.

Troma’s 39th year is the perfect time for Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma Team to film a follow-up to their acclaimed 2002 documentary, All the Love You Cannes. This new film, Occupy Cannes, will strike a blow for independent artists the world over, and will be released during Troma’s 40th year at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. This is a story bigger than life itself, but personal and intimate enough to touch each and every one of us. Occupy Cannes will not only be an important document for students and lovers of cinema all over the world, but also an irreverent, rebellious, and entertaining motion picture that, like All the Love You Cannes, will have wide appeal.

Tara Miller, star of Troma Entertainment’s Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume I, told us, “The aim of the Occupy Cannes campaign is not to exclusively advocate for Troma Entertainment, but to inspire other independent film makers that IT IS possible to achieve success while preserving your artistic integrity and keeping your vision pure. Some of the most potent material circulating out there today is found within the underbelly of the underground, created by folks whose names you wouldn’t necessarily recognize at first glance: it’s for the Doug Sakmann’s, the Slasher Dave’s, the Evan Makrogiannis’, the James Balsamo’s and the Anthony Curry’s of the world! This campaign is for all of those involved in creating underground cinema!”

If you want to support the indie cause, go to Troma’s OCCUPY CANNES Indiegogo page for more info and to help them raise their required $50,000, of which they’ve already raised over $17,000.

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