Josh Trank’s ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot finds a brilliant producer as Matthew Vaughn joins the team!




After directing the superb Kick-Ass and the stunning X-Men: First Class, fans were very disappointed when Matthew Vaughn decided to step away from directing X-Men: First Class sequel, Days of Future Past. However, the initial thoughts were that he was planning to direct Star Wars: Episode VII.

We all know that didn’t happen, and it was JJ Abrams who felt the force, but just maybe Vaughn had something else in mind all along. While he is staying with X-Men: Days of Future Past as a producer, this also gives him time to focus on another massive superhero film, Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot for Fox.

Fox’s creative consultant, Mark Millar,  Tweeted the news that Vaughn is indeed joining the team as producer of Fantastic Four. Here is how his Tweet went:

Just off the phone with Fox and some excellent news – Matthew Vaughn is producing Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot!

This really is fantastic news for the reboot, which hopes to put the disastrous previous films to rest once and for all. Trank has proved how creative and intelligent he is as a filmmaker with the truly amazing Chronicle, and we all know Vaughn’s capabilities, so if you were excited about Fantastic Four before this news, then right now you should be near bursting with joy at such a brilliant team behind the reboot.

Fantastic Four is due to arrive in cinemas on 6th March 2015.

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