Kill List director Ben Wheatley joining forces with Jim Hosking for Gothic bodyswap horror ‘Whitaker’

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British director Ben Wheatley is considered somewhat of a genius here at HCF, and while it seems like he is announcing a new film every month, we never tire of hearing about him and his, quite frankly, mental film ideas. With Down Terrace and the excellent Kill List and Sightseers already released, Wheatley also has a segment in The ABC’s of Death coming up, plus trippy new film, A Field in England. Not content with all that, the director has added another film to his busy schedule, Whitaker.

Wheatley will be joining forces with equally strange short film and commercials director Jim Hosking (Renegades), and this will mark Hosking’s debut feature length film. Whitaker is a bizarre Gothic horror about a scientist who learns how to swap bodies with unwitting victims which, naturally, lead to terrifying consequences.

Whitaker is expected to begin filing in June, and is casting now. Sales outfit The Salt Company intend on selling the film at the upcoming European Film Market.

Twitch  got the exclusive on the cool poster, which you can see after the following synopsis:

Whitaker has found a way to transfer his mind into a younger man’s body, which he uses to seduce a nurse at the hospital where he “borrows” new bodies for his experiments. Intoxicated by success and newfound vigour, he fails to note that each time he transfers, he leaves a fragment of his psyche behind in the host. This fragment starts to grow into a new personality: raw, curious, physically stronger and entirely lacking in compassion or moral compass. Soon whitaker finds himself in a battle to the death with… himself.

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