Rumours continue to build around Disney’s newly acquired Star Wars universe, possible Yoda spin-off in the works???



Firstly, it is best you take this rumour with a pinch of salt because I have no idea just how much truth there is to it, but AICN are reporting further developments in Disney’s new Star Wars universe.

We have already heard how Zack Snyder is keen on making a stand-alone Han Solo feature, and there have been all sorts of reports claiming that Disney is intent on not just making three more Star Wars movies, but also creating spin-off’s too. Now it would seem that the first character to have his own spin-off just might have been revealed.

Harry Knowles at AICN is reporting that Disney are planning a stand-alone film for Jedi Master, Yoda! Now while this would be interesting, there are no other details to get excited about. It is not known whether this will focus on a younger or older Yoda, and apart from the rumour that Yoda is the person named as a potential for a spin-off, there is absolutely nothing else to report.

Writers Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan has reportedly be wanting to create spin-offs for a number of Star Wars characters, and supposedly Yoda is the first in-line. However, AICN also reported that a Goerge Lucas had pitched a Jabba The Hutt spin-off too!

Is Yoda a good choice, should this actually turn out to be true?

(Source: AICN)

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