Stuart Beattie’s ‘I, Frankenstein’ to be post-converted into 3D




Lionsgate announced yesterday that their big budget horror adaptation, I, Frankenstein, will now be released in 3D. Director Stuart Beattie’s adaptation of Kevin Grevioux’s graphic novel was not filmed in 3D, so the film will actually be post-converted.

We’re selective. We do it where we think it’s appropriate for the creative, as well as for the consumer enjoyment,” said Lionsgate co-Chairman Rob Friedman. The film is expected to arrive in US cinemas 13th September.

Aaron Eckhart will play Adam Frankenstein, and he is joined by Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto and Socratis Otto.


An unlikely hero comes to the aid of humankind as a race of supernatural creatures look to take over the Earth.

In the film Eckhart plays Adam, Frankenstein’s creation and he is being hunted by Demons who want to learn the secret of his creation so they can build an army of the undead, recreated in the same way. Nighy will be playing a Demon Prince.

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