‘The Crow’ remake is back on? James McAvoy eyeing up the role of Eric Draven?

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The remake of The Crow has been facing all sorts of ups and downs over the years. While fans of such a classic film are still skeptical about seeing it remade, there have been times which have made be quite excited about seeing a new version. It is doubtful any new version will come close to the sheer brilliance of director Alex Proyas’ stunning vision, and considering the legacy surrounding Brandon Lee and his performance, anyone thinking of stepping into Eric Draven’s shoes had better be good! However, some rumours over the years have sounded promising.

First there was Stephen Norrington (Blade) attached to direct in 2010, and Mark Wahlberg was supposedly offered the lead. Then came the exciting news that Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 Weeks Later) was attached to direct, and his leading man was expected to be Bradley Cooper. However, Cooper never signed up, and after 6 months trying to find a leading man, Fresnadillo pulled out.

Lat year cam THAT lawsuit which saw the Weinsteins and Relativity go head to head over rights to the film, and the final news shortly after those events was that F. Javier Gutierrez (Before the Fall) is attached to direct with Jesse Wigutow (It Runs in the Family) onboard to write. A leading man was not name this time, until now…

Bloody Disgusting are saying that reliable sources (who got the Wahlberg rumour correct before anyone else) have said that X-Men: First Class actor James McAvoy is eyeing up the film. Sources tell BD that McAvoy is interested in playing the leading role of Eric Draven. This is simply a rumour for now, but McAvoy playing Draven? I don’t see it to be honest, I don’t think the actor has a dark enough side to play such a role. Thoughts?

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