THE END – A Short Film By Brett Young

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Written and Directed by Brett Young

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A woman (Megan Turne) awakes from the bed with a man (Thom Mackie) beside her. After getting dressed, she tells the assumed boyfriend/partner she cannot go on like this and leaves. The man then gets dressed, packs his bag and exist the building, passsing his weeping lover on the stairs. Something isn’t quite right but the disturbing events that unfold are beyond that which anyone could have anticipated and prove to have dire consequences.

Filmed on a Canon 550D digital SLR camera, director Brett Young knows how to get the most out of his shots. His films look good and are edited exceptionally well, considering he works on a non-existant budget. His art of telling a story without giving too much away, yet engaging the audience, is a skill he uses on all his films, including TRANSMISSION, the short film which was selected, from a mass of gloval entries, for the pilot episode of THE DARK CINEMA, hosted by horror icon Bill Oberst Jr.

Shot on the streets in Loughborough, Young creates an uneasy environment for his lead character, played by Thom Mackie. We know something isn’t quite right, but we can’t put our finger on it until that first shot of the hoarde of extras running down the underpass. Backed up by suitably intense music and makeup design by regular collaborator and co-producer, Gavin-Lee Pate, THE END builds up to an exciting, heart-thumping pinnacle.

This is a tremendous 5 minute effort from Brett Young and his team. Producing quality work like this on next to nothing will definitely help him when he’s given some money to play with, or if indeed he attempts a feature length film.

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