The tension mounts in two chilling clips from Paul China’s award winning dark thriller ‘Crawl’




Writer and director Paul China unleashes his award winning, intense thriller on UK audiences  Monday 25th February, and to tease you just a little bit more, we have two brand new clips to show you.

The film has built quite a reputation for itself, and the emphasis on the film ability to create tension and menace has been one of the main selling points. Checking out the two clips below, you can understand exactly why Crawl won awards, and is said to contain almost unbearable tension. I will be watching the film today, so expect my review up over the next 24 hours. I must say I am very excited about seeing this one!

Crawl is a nail-bitingly effective study in terror and every perfectly choreographed scene is permeated with impending dread. China assuredly uses long periods of eerie silence and the superb Herrmann-esque score by Christopher Gordon to ratchet up the tension almost to breaking point clearly relishing his power over the audience. Relief comes from the dark humour surrounding the character of the Croatian hit man with his kindly face but murderous behaviour, superbly portrayed by George Shevtsov. Crawl is a fantastic achievement in genre cinema from an exciting new talent.

Paul China both writes and directs, and his brother Benjamin produces. Renowned cinematographer Brian Breheny (Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, The Hard Word) is onboard and was responsible for one of its awards at Screamfest. The cast includes the gorgeous Georgina Haig along with Andy Barclay, Paul Bryant, Lauren Dillon, William Garvey, Penny Anne Hoffmann, Paul Holmes, Baz McAlister and Catherine Miller.


Seedy bar owner Slim Walding (Paul Holmes) hires a mysterious Croatian hit man (George Shevtsov) to murder a local garage owner over a shady business deal gone bad. The crime is carried out by the stone-faced stranger but a planned double-crossing backfires when pretty barmaid Marilyn Burns (Georgina Haig) suddenly becomes involved. She is at home looking forward to the return of sweetheart Travis (Andy Barclay) because she is sure he is going to propose. But on the dark, single lane road that runs past Marilyn’s house, the lives of Travis and the killer intersect, and Marilyn’s romantic evening becomes a struggle for survival when the Croatian psychopath takes her hostage in her own home.





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