Confirmed!!! Milla Jovovich and director Paul W.S. Anderson return for ‘Resident Evil 6’


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Just over a week ago Sony Screen Gems announced that Resident Evil 6 would be arriving in cinemas on 12th September 2014, but as that time there was no confirmation on whether director Paul W.S. Anderson or star Milla Jovovich would be returning. Naturally we all knew they would, and today First Showing have revealed confirmation.

The site confirmed that Anderson will be back to direct the final film in the second trilogy of Resident Evil films, and he plans to begin shooting in the autumn. The site also confirmed that Milla Jovovich would be returning as Alice. The Mr X visual effects house, who were responsible for the effects seen in Retribution, Afterlife and Apocalypse, will be working on the visuals for the sixth film. Judging by the ending of Retribution, they will have their work cut out for them!

The ending of Resident Evil: Retribution clearly set up the next film, and from the looks of things, Resident Evil 6 will be on a huge scale. The final moments where we see Alice step out from the White House to see all hell, literally, breaking lose was a good finish to a poor film. So, we pretty much knew Resident Evil 6 was coming, and director Paul W.S. Anderson said all along that he wanted a second trilogy for the franchise he started and now we are getting it.

At this time the film is simply being called Resident Evil 6, for now there is no subtitle to give anything away, but I am sure from the final moments of the last film we know exactly what to expect in the final film, a great big battle of epic proportions!

(Source: First Showing)

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