‘Escape From New York’ reboot looking to cast Jason Statham or Tom Hardy as Snake Plissken

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A couple of weeks ago news broke that Joel Silver’s Silver Pictures, and Studio Canal, were looking to kick start the long gestating Escape From New York remake. Their plan is to make a new trilogy based on John Carpenters original film, beginning with an origin story.

No director has yet been found, but the hunt is on for a writer and the role of Snake Plissken (made famous by a brilliant performance from Kurt Russell) is hoping to be announced before the end of the summer.

When the reboot was originally talked about many years ago, Breck Eisner (The Crazies) was set to direct, with Neil Moritz producing. Back then names like Gerard Butler, Jeremy Renner and Tom Hardy were in the running to bravely take on the iconic role of Plissken. Now that a new production team is getting behind the film, naturally we would expect a new list of desirable actors in the running for the role of Plissken.

However, Tom Hardy’s name has once again come up, and according to a report by The New York Daily News, both Hardy and action hero Jason Statham are in the running to play Snake Plissken. According to the paper’s source, described as a Hollywood insider close to the film’s producers, the studio believes that Statham “has the physical attributes and screen presence to reprise Snake”

Since the remake is inevitable, I guess its time to just accept it and begin looking forward to who might be best to somehow play the role of Snake Plissken as good as Kurt Russell did. I believe that both Hardy and Statham are average candidates, with possibly Statham having the edge for this particular role? However, while Russell made eye patches look incredibly cool, I reckon Statham would just look silly. Surely there are more choices than just these two?

(Source: The New York Daily News)

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