Adrian Garcia Bogliano’s creepy thriller PENUMBRA and the US horror fantasy anthology CHILLERAMA will receive their UK TV premieres on Horror Channel – which is a treat for genre fans as the films are not currently available on DVD in the UK.

Check out the transmission details below:

PENUMBRA (2011) – Sat Mar 23 @ 22:55

From Adrián García Bogliano, director of unique chiller COLD SWEAT, comes a bold experiment into creeping paranoia with a nasty twist. Marga, an arrogant businesswoman from Spain is on a business assignment in Buenos Aires – she must find a new tenant for her family’s decrepit apartment. But what’s behind the décor signals a startling fate worse than death. PENUMBRA is a superbly realized horror entry from the Argentine talent rapidly becoming a genre powerhouse all to himself.

CHILLERAMA (2011) – Sat Mar 30 @ 22.55 (UK Premiere)

From the depraved minds of US directors Adam Rifkin, Tim Sullivan, Adam Green, and Joe Lynch, a horror fantasy anthology which is a celebration of the golden age of B movies. There’s something for everyone’s bad taste in this quartet of schlock featuring the monster mania rampage WADZILLA, the gay Beach Party musical I WAS A TEENAGE WEREBEAR, the black-and-white insanity THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANKENSTEIN and the creeping fleshy ZOM-B-MOVIE.

Plus…there is a season of crazy-creature double-bills – MONSTER MASH!

Fridays from March 8 @ 21:00

This fun season of double-billers celebrating Monster Mayhem kicks off with a desert dwelling shapeshifter THE BONE SNATCHER versus a three headed ravenous alien in the 80’s classic THE DEADLY SPAWN.

Then on Mar 15 get ready to quake in your boots as a prehistoric crocodile is resurrected in DINOCROC. This is billed with an 80’s classic as we go back into deep space for the alien possession movie INSEMINOID.

On Mar 22, things start to get slippery when a creature made of plant and flesh devours anyone who dares dip a toe in his beloved swamp in the comic book creature feature MAN-THING! And who could forget the godfather of gothic horror and monstrous mayhem – it’s THE LAST LOVECRAFT.

The final fear fiesta on Mar 29 boasts a beast of Olympic proportions – the OGRE. and a supernatural demon as Lance Henriksen invokes the unstoppable rage of PUMPKINHEAD to avenge his son’s death.

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