Joss Whedon declares ‘Planet Hulk’ and ‘World War Hulk’ rumours as “nonsense”




About a month ago  rumours returned about the possibility of a stand-alone Hulk movie sitting somewhere in Marvel’s Phase Three plans. Latino Review broke the news at the beginning of February, and this news echoed the same rumour which arrived late last year. The exciting rumours for Hulk went like this:

The Avenges 2 would see the conclusion of Marvel’s Phase Two, and at the end of that film, Hulk would be shipped off to the planet Sakaar because he is too dangerous to be living on Earth. Planet Sakaar would prove the basis for a stand-alone Hulk movie based on the comic, Planet Hulk. In the story Hulk is enslaved by the planet’s evil ruler as a gladiator, but Hulk would rise up, gather an army and bring down the evil ruler. Hulk would then make his way back to Earth to get revenge on those (including The Avengers) who banished him. This story would be based on the Hulk comic, World War Hulk, and was expected to be the basis for The Avengers 3. All this news sounded very exciting, and personally I would have welcomed seeing this happen, but in a recent interview with IGN, Marvel and Disney’s ruler of all things, Joss Whedon, responded to those rumours.

When asked about the plans for both Planet Hulk and World Ward Hulk, Whedon said: “Well I’m really not supposed to comment, but no, that’s nonsense.”

Now, the rumours are indeed exciting, but now we are just as lost as we were to begin with. Latino Review have a good reputation for getting things right, so you could argue that either they are just wishing this to be true, or that they do indeed have an inside scoop. Whedon, on the other hand, is not just going to come out with what they have planned until Disney, Marvel and Whedon are good and ready, so the fans will probably take his comments as Whedon playing the game and doing as he’s told. Either way, we are no clearer now on knowing exactly what is going to happen if and when a stand-alone Hulk film happens. Check out Whedon in the video below:


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