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I watched Resident Evil: Retribution for the first time just a few days ago, and I must admit to not being overly impressed. Yes the fight scenes were cool, but there seemed to be hardly any story, and the film was just a collection of battle scenes that seemed to have little or no direction. It was enjoyable enough, but just felt like filler for a bigger ending to the proposed second trilogy which will no doubt feature a load of battle scenes with little or no story.

The ending of Resident Evil: Retribution clearly set up the next film, and from the looks of things, Resident Evil 6 will be on a huge scale. The final moments where we see Alice step out from the White House to see all hell, literally, breaking lose was a good finish to a poor film. So, we pretty much knew Resident Evil 6 was coming, and director Paul W.S. Anderson said all along that he wanted a second trilogy for the franchise he started, and now it sounds like we are going to get it.

Shock Till You Drop revealed that Resident Evil 6 will arrive in cinemas 12th September 2014, giving us a year and a half to prepare for yet another adventure with Alice. Please please no silly backwards filming to open the film, and for God sake we DO NOT need another ten minute bloody recap of what has happened before. A simple big battle between the last of the human race and the undead will suffice to finally put this dying franchise to rest.

There is no word on if Anderson will return to direct, and with the director currently working on action film Pompeii, it is unlikely he will be able to do both in the same year. There is also no confirmation of whether Milla Jovovich will return as Alice, but it is a given that she will. Sony/Screen Gems will be releasing the film again, and I reckon we will hear confirmation on Jovovich’s return very soon. As for Anderson, you never know, he just might return,  and he probably already has a plan to do both films, but we will just have to wait a little longer for confirmation.

(Source: Shock Till You Drop)

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