Sam Raimi clarifies ‘Evil Dead 4’ comments, says fans made him say it…

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Look at Bruce Campbell above, and sadly this is how you might feel after you read this rather buzz-killing piece of news revealed today by Bleeding Cool.

If you remember just a few days ago the horror world went crazy as Sam Raimi told fans at the UK premiere of Oz: The Great and Powerful  “I would love to make Evil Dead 4. My brother and I plan to work on the script this summer.”

Well, it would appear that those words were a little premature, and Raimi is now saying that the onslaught of fan frenzy forced him into saying it:

“Those guys made me say that,” he said. “I am thinking about it but a crowd goes ‘Come on Sam, do it!’ so I said ‘Okay, I guess I was talking to my brother about it’ But I feel like I was pushed into saying that, a little bit. In the hallway today I joked with Ivan [Raimi, his brother] ‘Get working on that script!’ but I really don’t know.”

OK, we it would seem like Raimi is a little confused as to what he wants to do, make Evil Dead 4 or not. However, the following comments are even more soul destroying:
“I’m afraid that every time I talk about it people get really mad at me when I don’t follow through with it. I would like to work on the script over the summer, that much is true. But the reason to come back and do it again is only that they’re making me, those fans. I was saying to Ivan ‘Why do they stay on this thing? Why do they keep at it?’ and he said ‘They want to make a movie. You’re a filmmaker and your fans are asking you to make the movie. What are you, an idiot? Make the movie!’ I guess there’s something I don’t see. It makes sense when Ivan says it… but I didn’t have a tremendous amount of passion until right now to bring to it. I love working with Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert, I have so much fun making those movies, so… but the fans are really forcing me into it.”

It sounds like Raimi is genuinely baffled at the fans wanting a fourth film, and it sounds to me like he does not have much interest in making it at all. However, he ends the statement with a hint that he will give in to what the fans want and make it, even though it doesn’t sound like his heart is in it. He claims there was never any passion to make a fourth film, and now  says he has.

I want to see Evil Dead 4 as much as the next person, but I only want to see it if it is made by a director who truly has the desire to make it. If Raimi makes it simply to keep the fans happy, will he really put his heart and soul into it? I really hope he see’s sense and decides that making Evil Dead 4 is a very good idea, and that the fans have waited more than twenty years to see a sequel, and wouldn’t mind waiting a little while longer for Raimi to get it right…

(Source: Bleeding Cool)

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