TV: ‘American Horror Story Season 3′ more details on Kathy Bates’ evil character, and possible plot details revealed?

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Last week it was announced that Kathy Bates was joining the cast of Ryan Murphy’s third season of American Horror Story. It was revealed that  Bates will play the best friend of Jessica Lange’s new character – but will turn out to be her nemesis.

A few days ago Murphy revealed some rather disturbing details on the character Bates will be playing, he said:

Oh, Kathy’s never [played] someone this bad,” Ryan Murphy revealed to TVLine. “Her [character] is a bad, bad woman! Five times worse than [her] Misery character…When I pitched this to Kathy, her mouth was drop-jawed because what I was pitching actually happened. It’s a true event…

Now, Bates sent shivers down the back of pretty much everyone who watched her unhinged performance as Annie Wilkes in Misery, and I  couldn’t imagine a character coming close to topping her for all out scares. She was genuinely frightening in that film, but Murphy has said the character she will be playing in American Horror Story is even worse! Now that is reason in itself to be very excited for the next season. Murphy also mentioned “it’s a true event”, hinting that part of the new season will be based on something that actually happened. Just what this true event is remains to be seen, but no doubt it will be something truly horrible.

So while Murphy revealed that exciting information, Dylan McDermott (who is yet to be confirmed as returning for season 3) revealed some other information regarding the film plot. Now, THIS is very very interesting. Speaking with E! Online at PaleyFest during a salute to Ryan Murphy, McDermott was naturally asked about American Horror Story returning for Season 3, and of Kathy Bates’ involvement. Asking if she was perfect for the show, he said:

She really is. All the witches of Salem… there’s plenty of them!

Hmmm, witches, Salem? Sounds like some old style setting to me,  but Witches in Salem don’t exist anymore, yet Murphy has said that the new season will be a modern based story. If the new season is infact based in more recent times, then the Salem aspect (if this proves to be true) will probably happen as a separate time period. Murphy has already stated how he likes the fact the show can jump between time periods, so maybe season 3 will have two period settings, a current day time period, and a very ancient period for the Salem and its witches portion of the story.

Murphy has also said that Jessica Lange’s character will be a “glamour cat leading lady”, a far cry from the days of witches in Salem. Murphy has also expressed interest in making season 3 more historical in nature, so all signs are pointing to a modern day setting and another setting set a very long time ago in Salem. If Bates is playing a Witch in Salem, just how her character comes to be friends with Jessica Lange’s modern day “glamour cat” is something we will simply have to wait to find out. However, this is all sounding very exciting!

The cast for American Horror Story Season Three s far includes Jessica Lange, Frances Conroy, Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Taissa Farmiga, Evan Peters and Kathy Bates.

(Source: E! Online)

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