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To celebrate the release of SILENT HILL: REVELATIONS on DVD, Blu-Ray and Steelbook on 18th March, we’ve got 3 sets of Silent Hill: Revelation DVDs and T-Shirts to giveaway!

Heather Mason (Adelaide Clemens) and her father, Christopher (Sean Bean), have been evading for years forces of a nature that she does not fully recognize. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, plagued by nightmares and Christopher’s disappearance, she discovers that her presumed identity is false, leading her to an alternate dimension existing in the strange town of Silent Hill, and a cult led by Claudia Wolf (Carrie-Anne Moss) and the insane Leonard Wolf (Malcolm McDowell).

To win a SILENT HILL REVELATION DVD and T-Shirt, simply leave a comment explaining which Silent Hill monster is your favourite and why, in less than 100 words.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Monday 18th March 2013 and three of our favourite comment will be chosen and the winners notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be 15 years or over
• One entry per household
• There is no cash or other alternative to the prize stated and the prize is not transferable and no part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
• 3 winners will each win 1x Silent Hill Revelation DVD and T-Shirts (only big sizes)
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.

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  1. Groaners – like dogs but not, and they also attack in packs! Lovely! You can’t just go for a scenic wander can you!

  2. Creepers, I remember playing the first game in the dark and a female friend walking in to the room and shrieking at the screen.

  3. The fluid nurses… something sexy and creepy about them… almost fluid like movement and I am sure the inspiration for some of the newer creatures in TV shows these days.

  4. Pyramid head as when u run into him or in the case of silent Hill Homecoming watch him from a distance,you just think omg please don’t let me have to battle him in a small hallway!.He’s huge and when he makes his appearence he really does scare you.You always wonder his history and there is lots of mystery of such a formidable creepy human skin wearing creature but such an iconic part of silent hill and i love seeing him around…as long as it’s not in a small confined space that i meet him in!.

  5. Pyramid head… face, the slow sinister movement, the massive sword and the fact he’s unkillable….the manifestation of guilt and shame.

  6. The nurses really freak me out, especially as I trained as one and kept thinking “Oh my, that could have me” as they freak me out the most, I would say them.

  7. Pretty much all of them,have to watch it and play the games,but they scare me to death.,have major sleeping issues after them.Think those nurses are the worst,if I had to choose any, 🙁

  8. Leonard Wolf is aggressive, especially underwater, he is one of the few monsters that is conscious and can speak in his monstrous form.

  9. Pyramid Head is the only video game monster I actually find scary. Obviously, he is my favourite. When you play one of the games and you can hear him coming.

  10. The janitor from the first film. Any person who can bend their legs back so their feet touch their head is OK in my book, whether it be forced or not. Plus, no one likes dirty public toilets, so a monster with a job is a good thing! The only thing I couldn’t deal with is that flapping tongue of his. Put it back in your mouth and keep it outta my face!

  11. Scarlett the doll. She was was one creepy looking, porcelain-gone-wrong children’s doll. You can’t beat playing on a childhood fear, and manifesting it into a large, mouth gaping killer doll.

  12. I would after say the Pyramid Head guy , along with the music and the screeching his sword makes you always know theres going to be some kind of killings especially in the first film when he ripped someone out of her skin!!!! was brill 😛

  13. Pyramid Head! He’s so menacing and sinister without even trying! Such mystery surrounds him… I wonder what’s under the pyramid…? The fact he has to drag around his huge sword, dragging it along behind him slowly, so creepy! I love him, in an odd way. 😯

  14. Pyramid Head – It’s an evil with no face. I think it’s what you don’t see about him that is scary.
    He’s looking at you but you can’t see his eyes!

  15. pyramid head as he is so original and is invincible so he reminds me of nemisis from resident evil 3 also is mysterious as you never see his face, he walks slow but always catches up some how and basically when ever you think of silent hill you instantly think pyramid head

  16. The Nurses, after you have watched Silent Hill, going to the hospital will never be the same again. You will be constantly checking that they are not trying to slice you up or stabbing knives throigh your eyes! Their eerie sense just makes going to the hospital ten times worse!

  17. For me it has to be ‘The Butcher’. I don’t like knives at the best of times, let alone a this character really gives me the creeps

  18. My favourite Silent Hill monster is Valtiel. He is always present in some way, constantly watching with his omnipresence, like a god. He is unsettling to look at with his featureless humanoid like face and he is also unpredictable, you never understand the extend of his powers or fully know what he can do. He is worshiped by the cult reinforcing his god like elements. All of these attributes make Valtiel an attractive monster, that’s why he is my favourite.

  19. Pyramid head! He’s totally badass and menacing even though he’s rocking out in a skirt! Timing is everything!! 😯

  20. Nurses. The way they slash and stab blindly at anything they hear including other nurses is just unnerving let alone the nasty sharp, sudden turns and twists they do to move. 😯 Plus obviously, being nurses, they’d be armed with hospital equipment like scapels, blades etc and at the speed they move for something so fragile… I’d rather try to get past them in the dark and confronting them head on just to get my throat slit 🙁 But damn they are still so fricken creepy in the dark standing still! You just can’t win!!

  21. The nurses are incredible, the fact that dancers were used to act in the scenes was pure genius. Their faces are always covered which gives a dehumanising feel and yet they once did a very selfless job. Creepy but so goddamn good.

  22. My favourite monster is Insane Cancer, quite simply because they lay motionless on the floor until you get close then it suddenly get up and start chasing you i shit myself every time

  23. I would say Valtiel, love the way his head vibrates and twitches rapidly and also the ability to take on different forms depending on the person. He is scary the way he stalks, and has many dimensions to him. He is ruthless, but you also others sides to his character.

  24. It`s a toss-up between the nurses( sexy sadists) and the groaners( sinister sinners).Oh,all right – the nurses.

  25. the pyramid head as i have a phobia about robot s and metal things and he just shits me straight up uuurrrgghhh

  26. Silence is Golden, as is Pyramid Head … Someone or Something that just keeps coming is very, very Scary!
    Like the dream, when you are trying to run away from something/one awful, but find that you have forgotten how to run & your legs are wobbling all over … or, is that just me?
    Encountering Pyramid Head for real would make my legs fail … What am I saying … I forget that I am a prize coward & dedicated survivalist … I’d be off like a steak of greased lightning!

  27. Pyramid head is terrifying – unstoppable as he is the personification of guilt and fear, the only way to defeat him is to change yourself. You can only hold him off for so long with violence!

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