Awesome first poster for Bobcat Goldthwait’s found footage Bigfoot horror ‘Willow Creek’

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Announced at the end of February was Bobcat Goldthwait’s new found footage shocker, Willow Creek. The director, responsible for directing films like God Bless America and World’s Greatest Dad, is heading into horror territory with the found footage flick based on the legend of Bigfoot.

The film is surprisingly already finished, and is due to play at Boston Independent Film Festival on 29th April. Badass Digest got the exclusive on the films awesome poster, which was created by Alex Pardee. Check out the truly excellent poster below.

Here is what we reported on the film when it was first announced:

Titled Willow Creek, the film is the latest in a long line of Bigfoot based horrors, but also the third found footage based horror to have arrived in a year. We have already had The Lost Coast Tapes, and Blair Witch Project director Eduardo Sanchez is currently wrapping up his film, Exists. Willow Creek will continue the current craze of found footage flicks based on Bigfoot, but word is that the film will not be a full on horror.

Willow Creek was shot and completed in just a few days, and see’s different accounts of those who have claimed to have seen Bigfoot in various forms. The different accounts even cause fighting amongst the witnesses. Bleeding Cool reports that Goldthwait is not making a traditional schlock horror here, and instead is aiming for a more suspenseful and satirical way of telling the story, and is more driven by  “exploring the idea of bearing witness.”

The film will also aim to throw in religion and faith into the mix, no doubt causing some controversy. There will also be real life Bigfoot witnesses also recounting what they have seen. Aiming to be really authentic, some of the film was shot right where the infamous Patterson-Gimlin film was shot.


willow creek

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