Danny Boyle says ’28 Months Later’ now has a 40/60 chance of being made

28 days later



When Danny Boyle re-invented the zombie genre with the breathtakingly brilliant 28 Days Later, there was always talk of a sequel called 28 Weeks Later, and also of a third film called 28 Months Later.

The sequel, 28 Weeks Later, was passed on to director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (Intruders) who did a stunning job with a follow up that came very close to the brilliance of Boyle’s masterpiece. Boyle did have a hand in that sequel as producer, and recently the director spoke of what is happening with that highly anticipated third film:

 Who would have thought? I don’t like zombie movies. I never did. We took a genre and fucked with it. Zombie aficionados, they’re quite precious with all their rules. Like with running: “They don’t do that!” Of course there are so many manifestations of zombies now, the rule book has gone out the window. I saw one episode of The Walking Dead, and it was very gripping. But the zombies were stumbling around again, which I hate. Given what we’ve just been talking about, it’s very difficult to know whether zombies are overexposed now as a concept. So it’s 40/60 whether it happens or not.

40/60 is not a great ratio, but Boyle did offer a glimmer of hope by adding . “But we did have an idea of where to set it and what it might be about.

In terms of “we” have an idea, then Boyle would clearly be talking about the man who wrote the first film, and helped produce the sequel, Alex Garland. Yet back in September he told Dread Central “I’m still so proud of 28 Days Later and how well it’s been received over the years so I appreciate that. But in regards to another movie, no – there are no plans for a ’28 Months Later’ or whatever they were calling it,”

He continued “This is a series I’ve always been heavily involved with between the original and the sequel so if there were plans for another movie, I would absolutely know about it.”

Maybe things have changed since September, and maybe the massive success of The Walking Dead has given Boyle the desire to make the third film. Then again I am probably just clutching at straws and wishing for something that will likely never happen. Boyle is a very busy man, and Garland recently announced his directorial debut Ex Machina, so it is doubtful 28 Months Later will happen anytime soon.

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