Filmmaker Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Raise $150,000 For Horror Movie Production SLASH


White Chapel House, LLC, is ready to move forward with Slash, a “slasher” horror script that is generating raves with industry insiders.

Arizona based Writer/Director/Producer Rycke Foreman and Producer/Actress Maria Olsen of MOnsterworks66 in Los Angeles, both specialize in horror. The two have teamed up and are in pre-production on the full length motion picture SLASH.

SLASH is a story about Cade, a young man struggling to find himself as he lives under the shadow of his step brother’s violent fantasies. As their friends begin to die around them, Cade is forced to face up to his step brother as well as his own demons…or pay the ultimate price.

Slash features groundbreaking new 3D innovations, a hip Hollywood cast and crew, incredible sequel potential, plus interest from multiple distributors — yet the production will utilize low-budget filmmaking techniques such as minimal locations and regional support.

Production on SLASH will begin in late June. The film will employ a crew of at least 85, a cast of 20 to 30 speaking roles, and approximately 350 background players. A vast majority of both will be New Mexico hires.

“SLASH”, a SAG feature film, is in the casting phase and will be filming in New Mexico this summer for four weeks. Currently, Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Paranormal Activity 3) will star alongside several cameos by A-List actors, rock stars, horror icons and popular TNA wrestler, Shawn Hernandez.

Currently, crew consists of such notables as Rich E. Cordobes (Special FX: Lord of the Rings trilogy, Transformers), Steve R. Moore (Visual FX: Avatar, Titanic) and Peter Devaney Flanagan (Editor: Mimic, Hellboy 2, Scream). More crew members are needed to fill production requirements. For more information on being considered for the crew, please get in touch with producer Lora Carlson at

Slash has dedicated pre-release fan forums to raise awareness and interest. This growing collection of fan pages, websites and social media platforms will be utilized during pre-marketing of the film, and advertising campaigns during and after release. Slash also features a Zazzle store for marketing merchandise purchases prior to the making and release of the film.

You can help Foreman and Olsen raise additional funds to complete this ambitious motion picture by visiting the SLASH Indiegogo Page and making a donation. A few of the “perks” being offered range from free downloads of the movie to tickets to the Red Carpet World Premiere.

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