‘Iron Man 3’ opens huge, and even tops The Avengers opening weekend!

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Iron Man 3 opened here in the UK properly on Thursday, but even had midnight showings on Wednesday night in  some places. The Shane Black directed threequel is due to open in North US territories this Friday, May 3rd, but already the film has opened up to huge success here in the UK, France, Brazil, Australia, Korea, Hong Kong, Spain and India. Overall, in 42 territories, Iron Man 3 has grossed a staggering $195.3 million, making it one of the biggest opening weekends of all time, and even beating The Avengers opening weekend gross of $185.1 million.

Naturally Marvel President Kevin Feige is excited, and he and Disney are expecting huge success when the film opens in North America this weekend. Disney distribution executive Dave Hollis said:

“The surprise is the magnitude of this opening, not necessarily that audiences are responding to the movie. We believe this (opening) to be a strong indication of what will lead to extraordinary word-of-mouth worldwide”

“As people start reading headlines of the size of this opening, I suspect it will act as a catalyst for the Thursday night opening Stateside,” Hollis added.

Iron Man 3 opened huge, and was not far off previous record holders Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides which opened with $260.4 million in 2011, but was way off reigning champ Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part Two, which opened with an astonishing $307 million in 2011.

Performance to date by key territories: UK $21.5M, Korea $19.2M, Australia $18.4M, Mexico $16.1M, France $14.7M, Brazil $12.3M, Italy $11.2M, Taiwan $8.4M, Philippines $7.4M, Japan $5.4M, India $5.2M, Spain $5.0M, Hong Kong
$4.9M, Malaysia $4.6M, Indonesia $4.5M.

Iron Man 3 broke records, and has achieved the biggest opening weekends ever in Argentina, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore and Malaysia. It’s also the biggest opening day ever in Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia.  Iron Man 3 is ahead ofThe Avengers in Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, Romania, New Zealand, Argentina and Hong Kong.

The film has not yet opened in China, Germany or Russia, but all eyes are on the US and Canada release this weekend, where the film is expected to do huge business. So far the Iron Man 3’s opening of $195.3 million in areas outside of North US and Canada puts it in a good position to beat other Marvel films. Iron Man 3 has already taken more than Captain America’s entire run outside of the US, and it likely to top the first Iron Man’s international run of $266 million, and Iron Man 2’s run of $308 million. Whether it can top The Avengers international gross of 895 million remains to be seen.

In the US, the film is expected to deliver big numbers, and some are saying they believe the film will top The Avengers massive opening weekend of $207.4 million.  Disney distribution executive Dave Hollis said: “To say we are beyond encouraged is an understatement”

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