‘Bad Santa 2’ finds a writer and possible director

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Bad Santa was a superb black comedy, made all the more funnier by Billy Bob Thornton’s  hilarious drunken, robbing, sexist and just down right vile Willie. Fans have been eager to see him return, and we thought our prayers had been answered back in March 2011 when Thornton confirmed the sequel.

Since then Steve Pink has come and gone as a possible director, but now some news is coming in via Deadline which breathes new life into the sequel. The website is reporting that Entourage writer Doug Ellin has signed to rewrite the sequel, and that there is a chance he might direct the film as well. Johnny Rosenthal wrote the first draft.

Ellin is currently waiting to see if he will direct his own script for a movie version of Entourage, but regardless of if he directs that or not, he has started work writing Bad Santa 2. However, Thornton has said the he expects production on the sequel to begin in the Autumn, once he has finished filming London Fields with Amber Heard. That film is casting up, with offers out to actors including Alexander Skarsgard. That film will begin production September 9, with Chris Hanley’s Muse producing with Media Talent, financed by Demarest Films. Bad Santa 2 will follow.

The picture resides at Miramax, and Geyer Kosinski is producing it through his Media Talent Group banner.

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