Crowdfunding Indiegogo Campaign Launched To Help Produce Alien Sci-Fi Thriller EVOLUTIONARY


An IndieGoGo campaign has been launched to help fund the production of alien sci-fi thriller EVOLUTIONARY.

Directed by Oliver Crawford and Produced by James Player, the short film forms the opening of a feature length adaptation currently in development. Written in 2011, ‘Evolutionary’ fast developed into an ambitious, collaborative project with input coming in from across the globe. Using a series of highly skilled concept artists to give the film a strong visual identity, the team were able to attach a team of high-end crew to the project. With over 200 feature film credits between them, including Harry Potter,
Die Hard 5, Enemy At The Gates, Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy and Fast And The Furious 6, the highly skilled team will ensure that ‘Evolutionary’ challenges the perceptions of what a short film can be by crafting a high end, cinema-worthy film.

The vision for ‘Evolutionary’ is to create a thrilling and engaging sci-fi film using traditional methods. In a genre currently relying massively on CGI, the aim is to stray away from this as much as possible by using ‘physical’ SFX, specially made props and sets and expert stunt performers to create a believable high-end looking science fiction picture on a micro budget.

The synopsis is as follows:
Sector 13 are an elite Special Forces team. Their mission – to hunt and eliminate vigilante alien terrorist cells. For the past 50 years they have patrolled the earth, clearing the planet of any rogue beings who pose a threat to the military led government.

For months they have pursued one of the high ranking members of a renowned terrorist group known as ‘EVO’. Having finally tracked down its whereabouts to an abandoned warehouse, Sector 13’s Red and Blue teams move in for the kill. However, once inside they soon discover that the creature they set out to hunt is now hunting them.

Taking influence from classic sci-fi sources, ‘Evolutionary’ plays with the preconceptions of the audience and their perceptions of what they consider to be ‘alien’. Using traditional ‘physical’ special effects and expert stunt performers, ‘Evolutionary’ aims to push the limits of short filmmaking to a new level.

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