EVENT FILMS To Produce Writer Timothy Scott’s DRAUGAR Based On His Original Screenplay


Timothy Scott, Executive Producer at Event Films Limited has announced today the production of Draugar.

Timothy will produce the short film based on his original screenplay and will begin shooting in London this June.

In a post apocalyptic future where mankind is at war with the dead, a lone soldier enters a mysterious temple to rescue his comrades in arms. However, the draugar are waiting and it’s just a matter of survival of the deadliest.

In Viking mythology a draugr is the reanimated corpse of a dead Viking who has supernatural powers of growth, strength and the ability to drive their victims insane. They revel in the suffering of the living as they also envy the living.

Draugar is the plural of Draugr, as there are many of these things in this story.

Timothy Scott comments, “In an age where fans argue about what a good zombie film is, whether true zombies are slow, stupid and can die by a severe blow to the head. Or they are fast, vicious… and can die by a blow to the head. I wanted to do something a little different.

OK, “different” is something every writer or director says but in this case I really wanted to do something that sets itself apart from the same old same old. Not that I’m not a fan of the tradition I FREAKING LOVE THE OLD… but I also love the new.

Doing a zombie film is like doing a fantasy; everyone is going to compare you to Romero. Just like everyone is going to compare you to Tolkien. They’re the godfathers of their genre I know, I admire them. But I want to do my own thing. And to do that I wanted to look back beyond them and to the time where this all started. In the Viking era… but in the future!

Draugar is both traditional in the sense of the supernatural, but also new in the sense that it is pretty much action orientated. It’s the New Age Vikings, but instead of roving packs of wolves ready to eat you, it’s the living dead. And they are mean, vicious, have supernatural powers and they are spoiling for a fight.”

Event Films are mounting a large-scale production for the ambitious short film. A professional feature film crew including fight director Joe Golby and his stunt team have been assembled to guarantee the most convincing and spectacular action.

Scott adds, “It’s a short that I hope will please the horror and gore hounds. This isn’t going out of its way to give you a message or to preach “fight the powers”. This is a story to entertain and slake yours (and my) lust for blood and violence.”

Draugar will be available to watch on the Event Films YouTube channel this autumn. There is no subscription fee for the channel and all of their videos are available to watch for free. Scott says, “As we are having enormous fun making it, we hope you’ll have fun watching it.”

You can follow the progress of this short film on www.facebook.com/eventfilms and watch more original films and trailers by Timothy Scott and Event Films on www.youtube.com/eventfilmslimited

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