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You be a BANSHEE to miss it……

The last few years have seen a demise of high octane addiction telly, thanks to the end of such fantastic programmes. We all cried when we were no longer LOST on that mysterious beach. Waved goodbye to Jack Bauer as he finally ended his nightmare run of bad days. Threw away the cell key as Lincoln and Michael no longer needed to plan for another Prison Break. The end of such shows meant that the guilty pleasure TV was spreading thin. Yes we had HOMELAND, but that itself is a totally different kettle of fish, what us fans wanted was another show in which we can just kick back and think “This is guilty nonsense….but really goooooooooood!!!!!!!!!!”….

Thank goodness then for TRUE BLOOD creator Alan Ball who once again has delivered in spades with the quite supreme BANSHEE, which started on SKY Atlantic this week. Moving away from the Vampire land of Bon Temps, Ball has placed the brilliant Antony Starr in the role of one tough ex con who somehow ends up pretending to be a Sheriff in the corrupt town of Banshee.

A thrilling opening ten minutes which saw Starr’s character, released from Prison, enjoy some brief sex, to a then stunning shoot up scene and that wouldn’t go amiss in a Hollywood picture, Banshee grabbed you by the throat and refused to let go!

Yes, you had to swallow a bit of belief when he became Luke Hood, a guy in the new town who no one has met before, but the twisty pulp style thriller done enough to convince you that this could work and thankfully with a star turn by Ulrich Thomsen who plays the creepy Kai Proctor, the town’s number one bad guy whose corrupted everything and everyone, you can see that this new show has something really special up its sleeves.

With Ben Cross appearing briefly as another Mr Bad and with the gorgeous Ivana Milicevic more than happy to have her fair share of sex scenes, BANSHEE comes across like a mixture of TRUE BLOOD, DEXTER and A History of Violence and if you a fan of all three, then you be licking your lips at the prospect of what this new TV show will be offering in the coming weeks!

Intriguing final season dawns for Dexter Morgan……..

So we entering the final phase of DEXTER, one of the most consistent shows in recent memory. With FOX only three weeks away from finishing Season 7 here in Britain and with America all set to air the final ever season, There be fans on pins wondering what is going to happen to our favourite serial killer! Will justice be served? Will DEXTER smile at the camera at the end and live a normal life (if that is at all possible!)

Having already seen the end of this season… spoilers here so don’t panic! Season 8 offers an intriguing set up but I for one am going to really miss this guy. Apart from a dodgy FIfth year that struggled thanks to the high standard of the fourth which had John Lithgow in a role he forever be remembered for, DEXTER  has been one of the best shows to grace our screens, with Michael C Hall in outstanding form through out and fully deserving the acclaim he keeps on getting. I for one will be hoping he doesn’t get caught and ends up living a life of happy dad and midnight serial killer, but with the land of TV usually making things right, I can see a very unhappy ending in store for Dexter Morgan, I just hope we don’t end up with a final scene like The Sopranos……..I can still taste the bitterness at that long black scene that appeared…….groan!……

Sticking up for the WHO!!!!

Its time I stood up for Matt Smith and his term in the Tardis!

With dwindling viewing figures, mostly due to the fact that teenage girls have long switched off now that David Tennant generated into a copper over on Broadchurch and with Smith playing the role in a total different way, it seems there is a lot of stick being thrown at the young man which is totally unfair.

Yes this Moffat era of Who has got a few problems but they are mostly to do with the showrunner than the actor. Moffat has bogged down the series with too much River Song, more unnecessary focus on the Ponds and too many unanswered questions that make you think you are re-watching the likes of LOST again. But despite all that, Smith shines out and at the moment is carrying the entire WHO universe on his young shoulders.

His endless mugging and expressions has me in stitches in every episode and while at times he must feel like a stranger in his own TV programme, his Doctor in my eyes is the best since a certain Tom Baker grabbed that long scarf.

The main fault of his legacy is that he hasn’t had an episode which will long be remembered with fans everywhere. While Tennant had the joys of Blink, Girl In The Fireplace and of course that freaky Midnight episode when they are all trapped on that spaceship….. eat you heart out Twlight Zone…….Smith has suffered from being a part player in other people’s stories….even Christopher Eccleston had that stunning spooky kid in a gas mask to look back on with fondness.

Season 7 thanks to the arrival of Clara already feels like a back to basics mode and while we all hoped that last week’s “Journey To The Centre Of The Tardis” would be thee “one!”, like them all in his era, you just got a feeling that there was something missing! I really hope with only the short time remaining in the role, Smith gets a chance to show those doubters just how good he is, because while he may feel unappreciated to the mass appeal, he needs to realise, for most WHO fans, he is simply the best of the new generation and very much loved!…..


Hannibal starts on UK LIVING on May 7th at 9.00pm




 I SCREAM out loud in frustration and then watch Harpers Island…….

Scre4m may have divided a lot of opinion last year, but the idea of seeing the iconic figure of Ghostface getting watered down for a Scream TV show leaves me really frustrated. We have already had a stunning “who is the killer” series in the shape of Harpers Island, which was brilliantly made and had a twist you could die for and while the makers of that, owe Wes and Kevin for copying their blueprint, it seems now that Scream will be ripping off the very show that ripped off them off first…..

Only in Hollywood where dumb ideas get approved and shows like Firefly get cancelled after a few episodes…….


Goodbye to the best show on British telly for many years……

Being Human ended for good a few weeks back. Its inspired Blade Runner ending had fans like me clapping with joy and then screaming in despair at a show that was cut well before its prime.

Not many programmes can lose all their stars and reinvent itself with a new cast and be even better, but Toby Whitehouse who is rumoured to be the next chargehand of Doctor Who, somehow done the impossible and created a trio of Hal, Tom and Alex who deserved more than the mere two seasons they had with each other.

The finale was brilliantly handled and executed with a double meaning ending that will be talked abut for years and while I love to get my theory across, I know of a few readers of HCF who are playing catch up with the show so for that reason, I am determined not to spoil anything yet but expect a special Eye On The Telly soon.

Being Human may have been tucked away on BBC Three, but for those fans who found this series all knew that what they saw was something wonderfully unique, stylish and gripping and will be solely missed……..

Misery and Despair down at Walford…..and that is just the fans…..

Is there a worse TV Show at the moment than Eastenders. Seriously, what a pile of soap shit and its no wonder the actors are leaving in mass fashion.

Stupid storylines that are gathering apace at the moment is Max’s new wife pretending to be pregnant, (something that Zoe Slater done only a few years back), Alfie has spilt up with Kat for the 1096733674343434th time. Ian has become a babe magnet and has Denise snogging him on every given opportunity,, despite the fact that this time last year he had a mental breakdown and was living in the streets……..what a catch! The two cousins who are shagging each other are no longer because of Lauran’s drinking habits…… We have Sharon thinking its 1994 again and sleeping with Phil Mitchell and Bianca just fought off a hard nut knife carrying thug by simply screaming “AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”…. but then with a voice like she has that is the only thing you can believe in that soap!………

Scream, shout…scream, shout…. half hour of mindless boring tedious crap……Dirty Den would be turning in his grave, but having brought him back once, I very much doubt he is dead the second time………

Shock horror as ITV do comedy…..

Something rare and odd happened on Monday night…..ITV aired two brand new comedy shows. When was the last time we saw this? When they axed one series of Men Behaving Badly for only the BBC to buy it and turn into a huge success. And who can remember their awful version of FRIENDS which was called Babes In The Wood and starred Denise van Outen.

Lucky Vicious and The Job Lot was a decent attempt, not too much laughs but solid enough for me to turn in next week, even though the desperation of that job centre based comedy to be the new OFFICE, is only saved thanks to the brilliant Russell Tovey who deserves a much high profile show than this!

Until next time guys……….

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