‘Iron Man 3’ director Shane Black defends that stupid twist, MASSIVE SPOILER!!!

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If you have not yet seen Iron Man 3, then my suggestion is you DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER!! This article contains one massive plot spoiler, and if you have not seen the film, it will ruin the whole experience for you, so STOP!!

However, if you have seen the film, I am sure you will be as curious as I was to hear the directors excuses for one of the most idiotic plot twists ever created. See, I was really enjoying the film, and when THAT twist happened I was totally lost. My enjoyment was ruined, it became a farce and I was very close to walking out of the cinema.

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I have read numerous complaints as to the ‘revealing’ of Ben Kinglsey’s villain, The Mandarin, as a washed up actor from Croyden, and I agree whole heatedly. I don’t understand the reasons for it, and I just didn’t buy into it at all. Superhero films build themselves around a super villain, and these films do their best to make a newer, better, creepier villain than the last. When The Mandarin first appeared, he was superb, sinister and very effective. I was REALLY into the film after a few of his videos and the attack of Tony Stark’s Malibu home. This film could go anywhere, I thought. Then that ridiculous twist totally removed any menace, any tension and the film became a crowd pleasing comedy and I felt sick to my stomach. What a waste of what could have been a seriously good villain.

Anyway, director Shane Black has attempted to address the complaints by revealing his reasons for doing what he did, here is what he told Screen Rant:

“I would say that we struggled to find a way to present a mythic terrorist that had something about him that registered after the movie’s over as having been a unique take, or a clever idea, or a way to say something of use,” he told Screen Rant.

“And what was of use about the Mandarin’s portrayal in this movie, to me, is that it offers up a way that you can sort of show how people are complicit in being frightened. They buy into things in the way that the audience for this movie buys into it”

“And hopefully, by the end you’re like, ‘Yeah, we were really frightened of the Mandarin, but in the end he really wasn’t that bad after all’. In fact, the whole thing was just a product of this anonymous, behind-the-scenes guy.

“I think that’s a message that’s more interesting for the modern world because I think there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes, a lot of fear, that’s generated toward very available and obvious targets, which could perhaps be directed more intelligently at what’s behind them.”

I am sorry but I don’t buy into that at all. Iron Man 3 was ruined by this laughable twist.

However, silly twist or not, in other Iron Man 3 news, Deadline is reporting that the Marvel film is on track to become the fifth biggest film of all time!

Deadline reports that Iron Man 3 is expected to pass the £1 billion mark today after only being on worldwide release for 23 days. So far, the movie has grossed s global take of $995 million, $685 came from outside of the US,  while $295 million came from the US. At this moment, Iron Man 3 is the 16th biggest film of all time, with predictions it will finish as the 5th biggest of all time.

The Avengers took $1 billion in just 19 days, however, Iron Man 3 has opened bigger in a number of different territories, hinting that it could surpass The Avengers global take. Iron Man 3 is outperforming The Avengers in a number of places including China, Korea, and Ukraine, as well as in Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia, three countries where it has become the biggest film ever released.

The film managed the biggest opening days of all time in China, Russia, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Ukraine, Singapore, South Africa, and Vietnam and the all-time biggest opening weekends in China, Ukraine, Thailand, South Africa, Argentina, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, and UAE. In the US the film had the second highest opening ever by taking $174.1 million.


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    • Yeh, it was certainly different but I really hated it. Most people I have spoken to hated it, but agreed it was a great mindless blockbuster. Its just, when I see films like The Dark Knight trilogy, I really want super villains, and even Loki in The Avengers was pretty damned intense at times. I just felt the character was built up so well, and then came crashing down in the comedic twist that just didn’t sit right with me at all

  1. I preferred the villains in ironman to Loki who I always thought was the weak link in thor and the avengers. I guess it did smash the tension and sense of dread but it did surprise me and worked due to the range of the actor in thespian in question. Not a great film but a passable one.

  2. I thought Loki was the weak link in Ironman and The Avengers. I just did not find him threatening in any way. At least the twist in Ironman involved an actor that had the neccessary range to cope with both sides of the coin. I suppose the tension and threat leading up to it was lost. It wasn’t a great film but not a bad one either.

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