Poll: Which is your favourite Guillermo del Toro directed film?




Ok, so as a bit of fun and a general sense of curiosity, we are keen to find out exactly where you stand when it comes to the genius that is Guillermo del Toro. In the business since directing two short films in the late 80’s, del Toro can turn his hand to anything so long at it has tons of ideas and has plenty of excuses to show off some amazing visuals.

Whether you are more inclined to go for del Toro’s horror output: films like Cronos and The Devil’s Backbone are still regarded as some of the best horror films ever made, and I must admit to being incredibly excited about the directors return to horror with his upcoming film, Crimson Peak.

Or maybe you prefer his action spectacles, with films like Blade 2 and The Hellboy films being amongst some of the finest fantasy action films of the noughties. Hellboy in particular is a fan favourite, making a star out of Ron Perlman, and fans are begging for the third film to get made.

Or maybe you prefer his darker fantasty stuff, with Pan’s Labyrinth regarded as one of the finest films ever made. Stunning, classic, total perfection don’t even come close to explaining quite how good this film is. And while on the subject of dark stuff, there is the dark sci-fi Mimic, a horrific and often terrifying science gone bad flick that really benefited from a wonderful Director’s Cut.

Pick your answer below, and we will share the results on Monday.

Also while we have your attention, and just for fun, let us know just how excited you are about Guillermo del Toro’s latest blockbuster, Pacific Rim in the poll at the bottom.

We look forward to reading the result! Happy voting!!


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