‘Sadako 3D 2’ is already on the way, here’s the trailer!




Just over a year ago the full length trailer for Sadako 3D arrived, and while we are yet to see that film released here in the UK, a sequel is already on the way!

Sadako 3D follows on from the Ringu series and see’s Sadako’s curse brought back as a man tries to bring chaos to the world by resurrecting Sadako’s powers. Now the sequel to that film is already on the way, and the teaser trailer and poster have already been released!

Tsutomu Hanabusa (Sadako 3D) returns to direct. The cast includes Miori Takimoto, Koji Seto, Kokoro Hirasawa, Satomi Ishihara, and Yusuke Yamamoto.


Several years have passed since the “cursed video clip” incidents. There is a mysterious outbreak of multiple deaths, but the cause is unknown. At the same time, there are many incidents of disappearance. Perhaps it is an outbreak of some new kind of virus, or intentional terrorist activity? During the ongoing investigation, it is established that there is some kind of relationship to the “cursed video clip” incidents that occurred a few years earlier. A mysterious little girl holds the key to solving the story. Does this little girl have some kind of connection to Sadako? When all of the incidents are linked as one, the ultimate extent of the mystery is revealed.





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