Second, longer and more painful trailer for ‘Empires of the Deep’ confirms its badness!




Empires of the Deep, in case you haven’t heard, was a disaster from start to finish. Here is what we reported on the troubled production of the film back in October when the first trailer was released:

The dream project of Chinese real estate tycoon Jon Jiang (who write and helped finance the film), Empires of the Deep was originally due to be directed by Pitof (Catwoman) and star Monica Belluci , with Empire Strikes Back director Irvin Kreshner producing. All three left the project very early on, and Pitof was replaced by Jonathan Lawrence who also quickly excited with some harsh words to say about production.

Monica Belluci was replaced by the gorgeous Olga Kurylenko, and eventually Michael French (Heart of the Dragon) came onboard to finish of directing the film. The film has taken almost three years to make, and there are rumours that the budget has exceeded $130 million, and you can attempt to see for yourself exactly where that money went in the trailer which has just been released.

It is also worth noting that the film has been shot in 3D, with Avatar’s 3D camera operator Anthony Arendt lending his talents. No doubt they will be wanting to plaster this all over the advertising campaign, but I seriously doubt James Cameron will want any link with his film and this whatsoever. It is also shocking to see just whether a producer replaced Irvin Kreshner or not, because judging by the trailer the film is an absolute mess.

After the awful first trailer, I would have expected something a bit better for the second one, but not a chance. If anything, this second trailer is worse! The voiceover is ridiculous, and the music is so boring I nodded off for a while.

However, there are a lot of ideas on show, and while it is clear no one had the skills to pull this off, I am still intrigued. I have a sneaky suspicion that this will become a classic “so bad its brilliant” movie that will become legendary in its badness. Check out the new trailer below, courtesy of Dread Central.


In ancient Greece, a miracle child is born with mysterious powers that grow as the boy becomes a man. Tormented by his strength, Atlas must summon his courage to enter the mystical Mer Kingdom deep under the ocean to save his father. Through the course of his perilous journey into new and strange worlds of mermaids, pirates and monsters, Atlas learns the truth about his birth, his power and his destiny – and if an ancient prophesy will come true and force him forever into the depths of darkness. A tale of love, fantasy and adventure, “EMPIRES OF THE DEEP” is filled with heart-pounding action and is filmed in stunning Digital 3D.




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