Sex and scars in Italian poster for Federico Zampaglione’s stunning Giallo ‘Tulpa’




Federico Zampaglione’s superb and very seductive Giallo, Tulpa, is making its way to Italian cinemas on June 20th after having its premiere at the Fanta Festival in Rome on June 16th, and we at HCF wish the director the best of luck with the release. The Italian poster for the cinema release has arrived, and you can view it in all its scarred and seductive beauty below.

While no UK details have been revealed, we have learnt that at Cannes, the film was picked up by Jinga Films, who will release the stunning shocker in Germany, France, South Korea and Scandinavia. The Moscow International Film festival in June will see the films Russian premiere, and the film will also premiere in Switzerland at Neuchatel Fantastic Filmfest and in Germany at Fantasy Fest.

Tulpa had its UK premiere at last years Frightfest, and has since had a smart re-edit, and I am keeping my fingers crossed the film is granted an uncut release here in the UK soon.

You can read my review of Tulpa here, and you can also read my interview with the director here.

I have also included a reminder of the red band trailer which was release in January.

Tulpa is directed by Federico Zampaglione and written by Giacomo Gensini. The cast includes Claudia Gerini, Ivan Franek, Laurence Belgrave, Michela Cescon and Nuot Arquint.


Giallo returns to the Italian cinema fore in a sensational new horror thriller from spaghetti superstar Federico (SHADOW) Zampaglione. Meet Lisa Boeri, the ultimate driven professional at the top of her corporate game. But by night Lisa frequents the notorious Club Tulpa, owned by a mysterious Tibetan guru. There, unshackled from repression and guilt, Lisa will do anything with any stranger to attain a higher Zen consciousness. Suddenly her lovers start getting murdered in shocking ways. Lisa can’t go to the police because of the scandal impacting on her day job. So she tries to unmask the anonymous assassin herself… with truly nightmare consequences.





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