TV: ’24’ to return to our TV screens? Oh hell yes!!!!




24 was the series which got me into watching TV series’. I was usually more a movie buff, but when I watched the first episode of 24, I was hooked, and I was honestly stunned at how good TV could be. Nothing since has come close to the immense power, or man-crush I have on Jack Bauer, and while I have been waiting impatiently for a 24 movie to actually happen, recent news has made me give up hope.

Antoine Fuqua has been desperately trying to get the 24 movie off the ground, but he revealed recently that it is not going to happen. Any hope of seeing Kiefer Sutherland return as Jack “dammit!” Bauer were crushed when Fuqua said the movie was dead, but now there is a new glimmer of hope.

Deadline reports that 24 showrunner Howard Gordon (who produced the stunning TV series Homeland) has approached Fox with a pitch for a new, limited event series. Word is that Kiefer Sutherland is in talks to reprise his role of Jack Bauer now that his other Fox TV series Touch has been cancelled.

Gordon pitched an idea which would start from scratch and deliver a new story arch, with Bauer involved. Deadline reports that 20th Centuary Fox TV and Imagine Entertainment have jumped on the idea. Former 24 executive producer David Fury is keen to get cracking again, and he just Tweeted “Yep, I’m pulling double duty along w/ [FX series] “Tyrant.”

24 ended its superb run of eight series’ in 2010, and since then has been attempting to make the move into movies with a film rumoured to be set in London. Those ideas never came to pass for various reasons, but this new prospect actually sounds like it might have some weight behind it. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for a return of Jack Bauer, he is my hero after all…

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