US Friday Box Office Star Trek Into Darkness Takes Top Spot. Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby, 42 and Oblivion Make Up The Top 5

star trek2

JJ Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness has taken the US top box office on Friday, which comes as no surprise. With estimates of $70 million taken so far, it was originally expected to bring in $100 million at its opening weekend. In a very distant second place was Iron Man 3 with almost $10 million, and The Great Gatsby in third with $7.7 million and has declined by 61% since its opening weekend. 42 and Oblivion completes the top

More details below and the weekend’s top ten to follow.

  Title Friday Total
1. Star Trek Into Darkness $22,000,000 $75.5
2. Iron Man 3 $9,600,000 $337
3. The Great Gatsby $7,650,000 $91.2
4. 42 $750,000 $86.8
5. Oblivion $633,000 $83.9

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