Warner Brothers planning a new ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ movie




Warner Brothers have acquired rights to develop a new Dungeons & Dragons movie, and surprisingly the film is already well into development! Deadline reports that there is already a script written by Wrath of the Titans and Red Riding Hood writer David Leslie Johnson. Johnson is also a protege of The Walking Dead’s Frank Darabont.

The already written script was intended for a movie called Chainmail, which was acquired last year as a free-standing project, based on an obscure game that was also hatched by D&D designer Gary Gygax before he and Dave Arneson launched D&D. It is being retro-fitted to fit the much bigger game creation. The film will be produced by The Lego Movie producer Roy Lee and Courtney Solomon. The worrying thing is that Solomon was the person who directed the truly awful Dungeons and Dragons movie adaptation back in 2000.

With the movie and TV world loving swords, sandals and monsters right now, this would be the ideal time to get a new Dungeons and Dragons movie made, but let’s just hope everyone learns from the mistakes of the previous film.  Deadline reports that Warner’s are treating this adaptation as a priority, and are going out to filmmakers very soon.

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