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We recently asked you to vote for your favourite Guillermo del Toro directed film, and to be perfectly honest I think most of us would have guessed which film was voted for the most.

Del Toro is a master of visionary horror and otherworldly creations, and very few directors have the imagination and visual flare del Toro presents on screen. The man himself is extremely enthusiastic about not only his own films, but the world of movies in general. Just watch any interview with del Toro and you will see his passion for making movies literally burst through in every word. That imagination and admiration for making films so original and brilliant, lead to his masterpiece, and number one voted film.

Pan’s Labyrinth achieved 67% of votes, making it the number one Guillermo del Toro directed film. Speak to any movie fan, and whether they are a fan of del Toro’s work or not, chances are they have seen the superb Pan’s Labyrinth, and chances are they rate it very high on their best of lists. Pan’s Labyrinth is flawless in every aspect, is a wonderful tale of imagination and dark ideas. At times brutal, at others totally beautiful and life affirming, Pan’s Labyrinth is one of the finest films ever made, and I would definitely agree that this is del Toro’s finest work to date.

The Devil’s Backbone achieved 17% of votes. A little know del Toro masterpiece, and one of the finest horror films of recent memory, The Devil’s Backbone came out in 2001 and cemented del Toro’s place as one of the world’s best horror directors. Before that he gave us the exceptional Cronos, and the flawed but fun Mimic. The Devil’s Backbone was a stripped down, raw ghost horror that relied on genuine scares rather than gore and violence, and the film crafted an almighty sense of dread and terror. If you are yet to see The Devil’s Backbone, then best you change that right now…

Blade 2 and Cronos both acheived 8% of votes. Both vampire horrors, but both extremely different. Cronos was one of the most inventive and original vampire horrors ever made, with a sinister device causing its user to require human blood to satisfy their cravings. Blade 2, on the other hand, was a big budget affair with plenty of big name stars, tons of action and an arguably better film than its predecessor.


We also asked you how excited you were about Guillermo del Toro’s upcoming Pacific Rim. The film is based on massive sea monsters known as Kaiju rising from the oceans and destroying Earth. Human built robots the size of skyscrapers, called Jaegars, are used to fight back. This will be del Toro’s biggest film to date, and it seems those who voted are all desperate to see it.

80% of you voted for: I wanna sleep and wake up in July 12th, I cannot wait any longer. Big bastard robots and menacing monsters, ooh yeah!!!

While the rest of you voted for: It is going to be awesome, can’t wait, I love everything about it

Pacific Rim arrives on July 12th.

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