Come and Join Us This Friday 28th June on Twitter for #InnuendoDay from 12pm

Unleash your inner Kenneth Williams as we celebrate the very first National Innuendo Day this Friday 28th June 2013. The day is sponsored by this year’s most outrageous star-studded laugh-fest ‘Movie 43’ which unashamedly nudges and winks it’s way onto DVD and Blu-ray on Monday June 24th.

National Innuendo Day is a proud date in the British calendar – it celebrates the most coveted aspects of British comedy; Innuendo, the tongue in cheek naughtiness that harks back to the days of Carry On, Are You Being Served, Monty Python, Little Britain and that often pervades our national conversation – sometimes without us even realising! Innuendo drives comedy around the globe today including this year’s Innuendo Day sponsor, the jaw-dislocatingly funny ‘Movie 43’ which attracted such star names as Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Kate Winslet, Halle Berry, Emma Stone, Stephen Merchant, Uma Thurman and even Richard Gere to the cast

Join us from 12pm to 2pm this Friday for a very special, innuendo-laden lunchtime tweet-fest. Using the hashtag #InnuendoDay, Twitter will become one
giant pulsating innuendo with a whole host of games and conversations planned throughout the two hours that’s bound to tickle that elusive sweet spot! These include naughty limericks, song lyrics tomfoolery, unintentionally amusing film titles and much, much more! Not only that, there’s prizes to be won for the wittiest remarks.

So, get your double-entendres at the ready and note down this Friday 28th June in your diary as National Innuendo Day!

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