First trailer and images for Fourth Kind director’s found footage serial killer horror ‘Evidence’




The director of The Fourth Kind, Olatunde  Osunsanmi, returns to the horror genre with a found footage shocker very worthy of the title. While I was not a great fan of The Fourth Kind, Evidence looks like a huge improvement, and the trailer certainly delivers plenty of found footage good stuff, along with some genuine shocks and creepy moments.

Directed by Olatunde  Osunsanmi and written by John Swetnam, the cast of Evidence includes Radha Mitchell, Steohen Moyer, Nolan Gerard Funk, Torrey DeVito, Caitlin Stasey, Dale Dickey, Harry Lennix and Chris Jai Alex.

The trailer comes courtesy of Bloody Disgusting.


In Evidence, Stephen Moyer (True Blood) and Radha Mitchell (Silent Hill) both play detectives investigating a massacre involving bus passengers at an abandoned gas station. The titular evidence comes from the various recording devices found at the scene, which the detectives must pore over in order to piece together the sequence of events and find their killer. It sounds like the proper use of a found footage film, where footage is actually found and watched, instead of just presented without context. The film also stars Torrey DeVitto (The Vampire Diaries), Dale Dickey (True Blood), Harry Lennix (Dollhouse), and Nolan Gerard Funk (Glee).

The screenplay was written by newcomer John Swetnam, who wrote and directed the short film Evidence that the feature is based on. Swetnam also has the high school tornado survival film Black Sky in post-production for director Stephen Quale.





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