Ghostbusters gets the ‘Room 237’ style documentary treatment in ‘Spook Central’



Whether you choose to take this seriously or not is, of course, your choice. However, the trailer for Spook Central has just landed, and watching it, it would appear that Ghostbusters is getting a Room 237 style documentary.

Supposedly a group of Australian filmmakers, lead by director Ivo Shandor (yes, the same name as the character from the film who designed the building Dana Barrett lives in), have made this documentary which will have its premiere in September. The filmmakers have said that Australia boasts one of the worlds largest communities of Ghostbusters fans, known as ‘Friends of Gozer’.

The documentary, Spook Central, looks at hidden messages in the film, from anti-smoking ads to sexual references, through to Coke advertising. The trailer is a baffling, brilliant two and a half minutes, enjoy!


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  1. Oh no, not another film picked to pieces with things that don’t exist. 🙁 Yes, it mostly is coincidence with probably the odd truth.

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