J.J. Abrams to take on The Stops Along the Way, written by Twilight Zone creator, Rod Serling

JJ Abrams

As if he doesn’t have enough to do, J.J. Abrams, via his production company Bad Robot, is taking on a very special TV project. The Stops Along the Way, written by the creator of The Twilight Zone, Rod Serling, is planned to be developed into a miniseries after Bad Robot acquired the rights at Warner Bros TV.

The Stops Along The Way was Serling’s final unproduced feature script and in an interview four months before his death, 38 years ago, he was asked which were his favourite scripts and said “I just wrote The Stops Along the Way, which is, I think, a lovely script”.

Abrams involvement in the project is unknown at present as is the specific plot details, with Bad Robot keeping them tightly under wraps. Chances are Abrams will take on a producer role as he certainly has more than enough of his plate with the production of Star Wars. We’ll bring you more information as it unfolds.

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