Kim Ki-duk’s ‘Moebius’ banned in Korea, Charlie Nguyen’s martial arts gangster flick ‘Cho Lon’ banned in Vietnam




South Korean director Kim Ki-duk is no stranger to controversy, and is usually at his best when making cinema that is both challenging, at times uplifting, at others extremely dark, but always original and fascinating. After directing 2008’s Dream, the usually busy director went quiet for a short while, and did not direct anything until the documentary, Arirang in 2011, followed by the film Amen in 2012, and this year see’s the release of Pieta and (hopefully) Moebius.

However, Moebius has just effectively been banned in Korea. It has been given a restricted rating, which means that the film can only play in specialty cinemas, of which Korea has none. This pretty much bans the film from Korean cinemas. The content of self castration and incest have no helped the films release in Korea, but as of now there are no other banning orders anywhere else on the film.

Despite the ban, the film has just revealed the very first, atmospheric and effective teaser trailer which gives little away, but proves the film will be yet another classic from the talented director. A poster has also been released.


A father driven into desire, a son coveting that of his father’s, and the sorrowful maternity that hovers them into tragedy. The most controversial work of Kim Ki-duk circling a destructive family while questioning one’s basic sexual desires.







Cho Lon banned in Vietnam, the rest of the world suffers!

In a much worse banning order, Charlie Nguyen’s stunning looking martial arts gangster epic, Cho Lon, has been banned in Vietnam. However, the bad news for this remarkable looking film is that a ban in Vietnam, for a Vietnamese film, results in the film effectively being banned from the rest of the world.

Twitch explained:  This news means it can’t pass the Vietnamese censorship, which means it can’t receive the popularization licenses, which means it can’t be shown anywhere on Earth, which means 16 billion VND budget of the film will go straight to hell.

Vietnamese censors blocked the film back in April for its scenes of violence in Chinatown, and having no interference from the police or other Government authorities  during the mass brawls. Now the Vietnamese  Central Board of Film Evaluation of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism have banned the film even after a second cut was issued, and here is what they said:

Cho Lon violated the Law of Cinema when showing scenes of gangsters blatantly set in battle, chaotic fighting with knives, swords, machetes, with blood spilling everywhere … without the interference of government, polices, people or any other social forces.

Recently the producers sent the edited version of Cho Lon, which cut some violent scenes and inserted some appropriate scenes. But it’s still not repaired overall, so the Central Board of Film Evaluation of the Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism shall not issue licenses for Cho Lon.

This is very sad news indeed, because Cho Lon released a terrific trailer earlier this year that really was amazing. Not that I want to rub salt in the wound, but if you missed it then you really must check out the stunning trailer below, and prey for a miracle that somehow this film gets to see the light of day.


From the team that brought you Clash and The Rebel, Cho Lon is described as an epic gangster story that takes place in a town in Saigon, regarding the events between four main characters played by Johnny Trí Nguyen (who is also serving as action director), Hoàng Phúc, Long Dien and Hà Hi?n in a 24-hour period.

The film also stars Huynh Bích Phuong, Hoàng Phi and Nhung Kate.



cho lon2

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