Rick Moranis says about returning for ‘Ghostbusters 3: “I wouldn’t not do it”




All this talk of Ghostbusters 3 and whether Bill Murray will return or not has overshadowed the possibility of another character returning, Rick Moranis’ Louis Tully, AKA The Keymaster.

Empire managed to get a rare interview with Moranis, and naturally they asked him about if he would like to return for Ghostbusters 3. Moranis said he would, and personally I would welcome seeing him return. Here is what he said to Empire:

“I haven’t talked to Danny (Aykroyd) about it,” he says. “Somebody he’s associated with called me and I said, ‘I wouldn’t not do it, but it’s got to be good.’ You know, I’m not interested in doing anything I’ve already done, and I thought the second one was a disappointment.”

“But I guess I’m interested in where that guy is now. I sort of see him as being Bernie Madoff’s cellmate in jail. Both of them being so orderly that they race to get up and make their beds.”

Strange that considering Aykroyd’s desperation to get the third film made, Moranis has only been contacted once. He was one of the funniest and most exciting characters in Ghostbusters, and even though Moranis has not graced our screens for a very long time, I am sure fans would welcome him back.

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