Schwarzenegger confirms he’ll be back for ‘Terminator 5’ as a terminator, and shooting begins in January




Earlier this week our very own Ross Hughes reported that Terminator 5 was finally moving forward. He told us that Paramount were in final negotiations for the rights to Terminator 5, and that they were planning to distribute after Warners released the last two films (Salvation and Rise of the Machines).

We also know that Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry, Dracula 2001) and Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) are writing the screenplay for Terminator 5. As for a director, initially Justin Lin was going to direct, but decided to make Fast & Furious 6 instead. Now that he is free, there is a chance he might be persuaded back?

Now the big man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has confirmed that he will indeed be back, and that shooting begins in January. However, before you get too excited, he also mentions that he intends to do sequels to both Twins (which he believes will be Triplets) and also that lost gestating new Conan film, King Conan.

Arnie revealed the news while in Australia for the ’21st Century Finacial Education Summit’. When asked if he prefers Conan or the Terminator, Arnie answered:

“Well, I don’t think there is one character [I can choose from], even with all of my other movies,” he said. “I’m very happy that the studios want me to be in ‘Terminator 5’ and to star as the Terminator, which we start shooting in January.” Followed by (here we go again)… “I’m also going to do ‘King Conan’ and do another ‘Twins’ movie”

So there’s your confirmation! However, this news is slightly unsettling because he claims he will be starring in Terminator 5 AS a terminator, but this begs the questions “why” would Skynet be building old looking terminators when they have such technology to make brand shiny new ones! It is a bizarre thought that Arnie, at his age, will be playing a literal killing machine. Hell, at least the new Conan film is planning to actually bring the stars age into the story.

Make of this what you will, but it is doubtful Terminator 5 won’t have Arnie in it, and I really hope that the film gives Arnie one last shot at box office success. While The Expendables have done well for all involved, Arnie’s big return to a leading role was The Last Stand, and sadly it flopped at the box office. A shame too, as I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Let’s hope his next film, Escape Plan (formerly The Tomb) with Stallone does better.


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