Breaking! Paranormal Activity Latino spin-off is what’s been moved to January, Paranormal Activity 5 nowhere near ready!




So, after all the Internet frenzy earlier today that Paranormal Activity 5 had been pushed back from October 2013 to January 2014, turns out the stories were completely false. The Wrap finally got the truth on the matter after a press release by Paramount, and it turns out that Paranormal Activity 5 was not the film pushed back, because it was never even meant for an October release.

The October 25th slot has now gone to Paramounts comedy sequel, Jackass: Bad Grandpa, but the Paranormal Activity film moved from this slot to January was actually the Latino spin-off. The film was teased at the end of Paranormal Activity 4 and is now finished, and has even had some positive test screenings, and it is this film which now takes the January slot.

The Latino spin-off was originally called The Oxnard Tapes, although it is thought that this has now changed. Writer of Paranormal Activity 2, Christopher Landon, directs the found footage Latino spin-ff, and the film was thought to be a distant cousin of the Paranormal Activity franchise. However, sources close to the film have told The Wrap that “It exists in a parallel universe,”  and that the film ends with people standing outside the same house where the first “Paranormal” began.

The word ‘Paranormal’ will be used heavily in the marketing campaign, and will fill the void left by fans eager to see Paranormal Activity 5. The fifth official film in the franchise, however, does not have a script, writer, cast or director and is in now way ready for a release this coming October. It is thought that the film will be ready for October 2014.

Worryingly though, Paramount and producer Jason Blum have failed to come find an idea they like for the next film, but should it get the go-ahead, it is thought that Greg Plotkin (editor of the last three films) will direct.

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